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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Acquiring More Of Who We Really Are

How many times do you feel that you acquire new traits in your personality.

Of course it's not always obvious is it. Often our friends or family or even workmates will comment along the lines of observation that we're doing something different, saying something different or that we're just different.

I want to bring to your attention that there is something going on for us all right now. It is not exactly what I would call waking up - as in waking up from sleep but it's what I would call a time of acquiring.

We have when we come here, I believe, lessons that we intend to learn - this planet is very much like a school. We are and have been in the past forced to learn these lessons.

Sometimes it happens in a way that is too rough and it would be good if that could smooth out. Other times it is so vague that we don't have the slightest idea we've been learning anything until enough episodes of whatever the vague thing is happens - and then we begin to see a pathway - kind of like a dotted line that has allowed us to get to this point.

In this now time of acquiring, what is occurring from the teaching I have received and from what I have observed, is that we are beginning to acquire new traits for each of us in our personality which will allow us to not only be very clear about our own lessons in a way that is not harmful or hurtful but to also have opportunities to learn these lessons in much more gently ways.

You have probably noticed how much networking is going on these days. It's actually quite significant. It's not as if people were all hiding out before but there was some elements of hiding and perhaps some of it was a reaction to felt invasiveness - meaning a sense that privacy was being tampered with in more ways than we would like to experience but now you have all noticed, I'm sure on the internet as well as in your daily lives, that a sense of social networking is coming to the fore.

This is going to allow us to experience our lessons in a much more gentle way. I'll tell you why. Many of us do not notice the clues and tips of our lessons that we experience with those we love or those we see all the time.

However when we are interacting with people for the first time, as in social networking on the internet or more specifically with people that we meet here and there and wherever we go, these people will react to us the way we are in that moment.

They won't have a built up expectation of us being everything we were - that we ever were for that matter in the past. As a result they are likely to treat us completely different than those who have known us before - even those whom we are fond of.

This does not mean they are better but it does mean that we'll have the opportunity by their reactions to us to get clues that are much more obvious.

People are feeling much more permission these days to be more forthcoming, so look towards those whom you've just met or who you are simply talking to - say on a train or in a cafeteria or someplace like that - just to enjoy the interaction. Notice how they react to you and don't always assume they're on the make or they're trying to get something from you especially if they don't make any effort in that direction.

Also I recommend that you allow that people might be observing - when they say things - they might be observing something that might be of benefit to us.

So if they say something that makes us a little uncomfortable don't assume that they're trying to hurt your feelings. It's not impossible that that's the case but it might just be possible that they're making an observation based upon who we are not upon who we think we are, not upon what others have told us we are and perhaps even more importantly - not upon what we've been conditioned to believe we are but in fact who we are according to this person that we have just met and who does not know anything about who we've been, where we've been or what we've done.

It may be an opportunity to learn lessons more gently and to assimilate what is to be learned more comfortably.

I am hopeful that you will have the opportunity to experience this in the most gentle and benevolent way for you.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Seven said...

I really like the keen social observation in this advice. It explains a lot about some of the bonds that develop between bloggers and other internet connections. Thanks for the insight and advice!

Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you for your comments and your insight Seven. Goodlife to you my friend.

Kirsten said...

Wow, Robert!

I really relate to this. This whole post was just right on for me! I feel I am suddenly having a much better sense of self, perhaps it's that new aspect of personality you write about, and the lessons are indeed coming more gently. This is all rather recent! My new found understanding and calm reactions to what would "normally" be a dramatic situation for me are surprising. And with this (I'm just going on & on here...) a deeper courage is developed in order to move further into unknown territory which is what I seem to do daily (that networking thing you write about here). Somehow I feel newly confident, protected and somewhat unaffected, - like I suddenly grew up (too funny)!

Thank you, Kirsten

Robert Shapiro said...

Kirsten, thank you for your wonderful and detailed account of how your life fits into this post and how this detailed opportunity that we are all experiencing not only plays out in your life but how you are reacting to it and interacting with it.
I appreciate you sharing these specifics for all of us to see.