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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Mother Earth

Thank you all for coming and reading and acting on this site. It is my intention these days as our country and the world goes through changes to help and support us all through these changes in the most benevolent way that we can acquire and why do I say acquire?
It is because I believe and have been taught that we are here on our beloved Earth to learn how to do as Earth does.
When Earth has a problem or a discomfort she moves herself around a little bit not unlike we would do if we were uncomfortable in a chair or uncomfortable in a bed or even uncomfortable standing. We move a little bit until we feel a bit more comfortable.
This, of course, she does with her earthquakes and occasionally landslides and, of course, if we are in the way of such things it inconveniences us at least and sometimes injures us. I feel strongly that this is not her intent but rather an unexpected or an unhappy side effect from her point of view and yet since we are on her body, must we not expect that.
Many of you have beloved pets - dogs, cats and so on. Is it not the case when you suddenly get up, perhaps during a nap the phone rings and you wake up and jump up without thinking, for the phone or even just reach over for the phone and the dog or cat that's been asleep on your lap is suddenly disturbed, perhaps falls off or is otherwise shaken up but they do not hold a grudge for long eh?
They are recognizing that something was important and you suddenly moved but shortly thereafter they're right back.
Let's be just as forgiving. When Mother Earth does something for herself even though it might seem like an attack directly on us at times, such as in this last powerful hurricane in the gulf states of the US, that there may be something that is being done for her by her for her body.
I've been taught that Mother Earth uses her wind, just her regular wind, to distribute energies all over the Earth - to distribute good energies and when there are energies that are of tension or discomfort or of misery or unhappiness to dilute those unhappy concentrations of energy by moving them around the Earth so that they are not concentrated in one spot thus either perpetuating the harm or causing more by there simply being an uncomfortable feeling that can prompt people to do things that they might not otherwise do.
For us, we have a comparison as well in our bodies. Sometimes if we're tired we breathe hard and other times when we need to move air around inside our body we suddenly release some, eh, from one place or another, yes?
For us it seems insignificant, yes, but if we were as big as Mother Earth, as complex a Being as her - able to support Beings on her body even though she functions as a living Being, perhaps we would do things in a bigger way as well.
I know many of you have thought about these things but I feel it's important to take time today and address them a bit.
Benevolent Magic's intent is to help you to work with Mother Earth rather than to struggle as best you can unknowingly and seemingly unable to cope with what is around you either created by your fellow citizens consciously or otherwise or simply struggling with understanding Mother Earth's needs and requirements for herself.
Mother Earth has indicated to me for the past year or two that she needs to make some changes in the way Human Beings live on the Earth and one of these changes she desires for you to make is - she would prefer all over the Earth if people would move inland from the beach.
The animals who live in the sea and who live near the seashore not only need some place to live but they work in concert with her to be able to support her good health because they are in harmony with Mother Earth, something we are learning to do but have not accomplished yet.
She would prefer that Human Beings live no closer than five miles away from the beach.
I'm not trying to say people are bad for living on the beach or near it. What I am saying is that in our world where people sometimes need very much beauty and sustenance there's a desire to get close to that beauty and sometimes it's too close.
Oh, it's one thing to go to the beach for a day,an outing yes, and to lay down your blanket and to have some snacks and to enjoy the Sun with family or with loved ones or with friends or even by yourself but to drill down into her body and put a permanent structure there, she's not comfortable with that and she'd actually prefer for the next five to six years at least if you minimize your visits to the beach.
Now she does not feel this way at this time for inland lakes and rivers and other places where there is a semblance of beach - not the same as at the ocean of course but she does not mind that at all at this time, so I've been guided.
I'm not trying to interfere with your freedom. I'm simply passing on information that she has told me in various ways - feeling, inspiration, yes channeling and other ways that many of you who are very sensitive have felt yourself at times.
In the next few weeks and months I may reveal other things that she has told me to give you some glimmer of future articles in the Sedona Journal of Emergence where you often find my channelings and also that the acquaintenship we have needs to be amplified just a little bit so you can utilize these Living Prayers and Benevolent Magic in the way that works best for you and others.
All of this works, that you read here, because there is agreement at the soul level that if something is benevolent, even for one person, and is completely comfortable for all other souls then it works.
Sometimes things don't work if souls have another agenda - perhaps there is a reason even if we do not consciously know it.
It is my intention, to the best of my ability, to speak about these matters from time to time here as well as to provide Benevolent Magic words and Living Prayer words that we can say to improve the quality of our lives.
Let me close with a Benevolent Magic today. I recommend that you say now for yourself - one says Benevolent Magic for ones self even though it may very well be benevolent for others. One says Living Prayer for your community, your friends, your family, for people on the other side of the world, the world community but it also includes yourself since all souls must agree.
Let me give you a Benevolent Magic you can say for yourself now and perhaps it will be benevolent for others as well. You could say: "I request that my heart and soul be strong, cheerful, amiable, able to freely express that cheerfulness, amiability and strength for myself and others in the most benevolent way for me, resulting in the most benevolent outcome."
Goodlife to you all.


Alfredo Frizell said...

Super work performed.

Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you for your comment Alfredo.

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