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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Experience Feeling In A New And Benevolent Way

Now for those of you who've been reading this blog from the beginning and have been practicing some of the training and advice and guidance given here, I would like you to say now - just stop while you're reading this and say, "I am asking that my capacities to expand spiritually and benevolently because of reading and practicing the benevolent training on this blog serve me well to improve the quality of my life and the quality of lives around me whom I feel would benefit simply by being nearby."
Now why do I say that? Now when you practice these things, after a while or perhaps right away for many of you, you will feel a benevolent energy. Energy naturally radiates whether it is benevolent or not. You know this - you have walked into a room from time to time or gone into a room somehow and someone angry was in there and you felt it right away, there was a tension, your body warning you that you need to be alert for something. That was energy naturally radiating.
It is not unlike a light bulb, the energy is present and the light radiates but even for sensitive people you might note that the energy might be present even if the light can no longer radiate in the case of a light bulb that is burned out. You may not always feel that but it is there. It is even a little more subtle yet for saying Living Prayers and Benevolent Magic but it does have its impact.
If you want to try this out I want to give you something you can do. If you like you can have a trusted friend, someone you feel good about and someone who feels good about you, in the room or perhaps two of you who are doing this practice on this blog. You can both do this at the same time, it might be an interesting experience for you.
Why don't you say this - it will be a Living Prayer but it is also intended to bring about a feeling. Why don't you both say out loud, quietly so that you don't disturb each other but out loud, "I am asking that Gold Light Beings and Light Beings come to me now and fill me with as much gold light and light that is compatible with the gold light as I can comfortably experience. I am also asking that I be able to feel it to the extent that I am comfortable feeling it." That's all, just a Living Prayer, and see what happens.
You might feel a little warmth, if you do that's a physical evidence of your spirit and body showing love. If the other person in the room is also feeling it you may notice a increase in that feeling if you've had it before. This is something worth trying in a room with many people who are practicing what's on this blog.
I'm not suggesting you turn the blog into a religion, that's not the whole point. The point is that you can discover that many times what you read on this blog, that is intended to help you and improve the quality of your life and perhaps the quality of life for people around you, can be harmonious with others doing the same thing and if you feel the energy and it feels benevolent and there are other people in the room perhaps more than one other you may feel it even more benevolently than you usually do on your own. Try this if you like with one or another or more people if you are doing this as a group and see how it feels.
We will build on this as time goes on as I want you to have skills and abilities that you can use to create a more pleasant life for yourself, yes more benevolent and more benevolent for those around you and sometimes more benevolent regardless of what is going on around you.
One last statement for you to consider, I know that you feel the word - impossible - is a fact. Never assume when it comes to benevolence that anything is impossible. Assume, just assume even as a theory or consider assuming, that the impossible may be possible when it comes to benevolence. You may simply need the assistance of others, be they human, be they Spirit, be they animal or plant, be they planets, be they loving Creator or Creator's friends. Help is available. It will help you to know how to ask for it and that is why exists.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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