The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Awaken To Your True Loving Self

In these days where we find ourselves in a position where we're being pulled many different ways at the same time,occasionally they're official pulls, but more to the point the pulls are from our heart because we care for our fellow beings.
I feel it's important for you to have a capability that will nurture you once you perfect it and it's not difficult to perfect though it may take some of you a little longer then others.
I'm going to recommend that you place either your left hand or your right hand over your chest area anywhere wherever it feels comfortable with your palms, of course, touching your body and then I'm going to suggest that you make an effort as you heat your body with your palms like that, and your body does get a little warmer underneath where your hands are touching, that you allow that heat to penetrate your body and see if you can generate or feel a heat within your body.
It may be in your chest, it may be in your stomach, it may be even in your legs. Once you feel that heat, go into it meaning focus on it and see if you can feel it more.
Don't try and move it around, just let it be there. Now I'm going to tell you what it is. This is the physical evidence of loving yourself and in being harmony with all of creation and it is how Creator functions itself.
Creator is a loving Being and most of Creator's creations have that physical feeling in their form of physicality.
Human Beings, many of us, do not have that feeling all the time but that feeling is intended to support all life. It prompts you to feel good. It's very relaxing. It tends to shove things out of your body that aren't associated with you such as other people's judgment's of you or other people's angers or just conditioning you had in your life that does not support your life or the lives of others.
This state of harmony will also have an interesting effect for those of you who have beloved pets. You may notice that once you are able to produce this warmth in you that your dog or your cat gets more friendly towards you - may want to hop on your lap. If that's all right, please allow it because they have that capability too and with the both of you doing that at the same time, you'll both feel it more and if you can understand this know that what you're feeling with that warmth besides the feeling of loving yourself is a closer connection to Creator.
Give it a try. I hope it works for you. I may say more about this in times to come especially with your questions.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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Robert Minolfo said...

If I may take the liberty of using this opportunity to share the kind, benevolent words I received through you almost a month ago now through Grandfather about the coming event on 9/22, the reuinification of the equilateral heart.
Those of us who are sincerely trying to open our hearts, can rest assured that even if we do not achieve a threshhold this year we will have the chance to try in 3 years, but those of you who do work with crystals can amplify and magnify the effect of this meditation by having or holding as clear a quartz crystal as possible near to you during the meditation which will act to increase the effect of the meditation up to 18 fold (that is like being 18 people!). I was given this exclusive, and have told people that I know beieve in it, and take it seriously, but as we get closer I wanted to share it with more.
I thank you and Creation for the joy, and benevolence that we are now actively integrating into our being!
Lots of Love and Light to ALL
Bobby Angel