The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Monday, February 19, 2018

Steps on the Path to Wisdom

I want to encourage you all to believe that even though these times seem to be confusing, upsetting and it seems like at moments that we’re all taking a giant step backwards that in fact it’s going to lead to something that will resolve global conflict as it has been known in the past.

These times call for solutions by wise people and you can be one of them. To begin with, try to make an effort to practice the feeling of optimism, if you don’t naturally feel that way, every day for at least 1 minute. It can be any time of day and the feeling needs to be accompanied by thoughts of optimism as well - not just a physical feeling exclusively while you are worrying about other things - see. It has to be a full commitment to at least 1 minute every day.

It will of course improve your life and eventually you’ll notice things around you seem to get better as well. 

Also for those of you who want something to say, this is what I recommend you say, first of course asking for all the most benevolent energies for you

Then say, “I request that my world in which I live become better, more pleasant and easier in the most benevolent way for me now. Resulting in the most benevolent outcome.” 

Now the reason we say it like that is because, yes it’s a request for yourself* but it also effects the world around you - alright. Goodlife
*Benevolent Magic is intended to provide a means by which you can alter your physical reality into being more pleasant. It is something you say for yourself.

Living Prayer you say for everyone and it can include yourself.
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