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The Wand Position
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Friday, March 18, 2011

Transforming Radiation

Radiation can be transformed and be less harmful and perhaps even do some good that is helpful.

Radiation whether harmful or benign is made up of particles and particles are alive. Since they have personality, as all living matter does, they are sometimes willing to change or transform in order to be more benevolent in the world in which they live.

In order to transform it one must know how and the way it is transformed is precise and acknowledges the living matter that makes up radiation and all other life.

Thus this video will instruct you on how to encourage radiation that is harmful to transform and become either less harmful or to become completely safe, benign and perhaps even benevolent.


Unknown said...


Thank you for giving us the Transforming Radiation living prayer. Could the prayer be used for other energies instead of radiation ( e.g., negative/evil energy or intents)?



Kirsten K said...

I just completed this second Living Prayer out on the land. Will go out again later this evening to do this first Living Prayer. The birds were and are ever present, and just now I see out the window that hawk has come to visit in the yard. Goodlife

Robert Shapiro said...

Goodlife Greyloaf,

I would recommend instead that you study and apply in the way you feel best about the knowledge you'll find here:

I feel clearing would be more appropriate and much easier than transformation. It can also be done with some frequency if you like - meaning once or twice a day as needed especially as you might find here:


Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Kirsten,

Thank you for sharing here.

Goodlife my friend.