The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Support For Animal World That You Can Provide

Magic that can be performed by you to support any type of animal in animal world, to welcome them, to support their endurance and to support their general well-being. With care this can even be done for pets.


The Visionary said...

This is wonderful. I wished for this for quite some time. Would you explain why this is the next step beyond facing the North? Is facing the North not helpful anymore when you do the breathing?

Thanks so much!



Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Gary,

I have transcribed Grandfathers answer for you here:

"Greetings Gary. This is Grandfather. As I attempted to indicate in the video this is complex and advanced work and is meant to be done only by people who are advanced and have studied and practiced the information on the blogs as I know you have.

"So what this means is, if you are unable to do the entire procedure or if something has come up and you have experience doing these things then you can simply ask for all the most benevolent energies that are available for you to be all around and all about you and then - close your eyes and wait for the energy.

"If you do not feel the energy then you will have to do the entire process but if you feel a strong energy you can go ahead and do what I suggested on this video. That's why I say it's for those who are advanced in this work."

Goodlife my friend.