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The Wand Position
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Monday, January 12, 2009

More On The Lifting Of The Veils

Now comes the time of the lifting of the veils but what is to be revealed? Some terrible disaster? No. Rather it is the continuance of the revealing of your own gifts, talents and abilities.

The whole purpose of the blogs that I've been putting out here for some time is entirely about reminding you of who and what you are. Oh it's true I do not say, "You there George you are this" and "You there Molly you are that." Okay but we all have so many skills and abilities that are just below the surface. We are souls. We are a portion of Creator gifted by Creator with many of Creator's capacities.

It is our job to remember who we really are now and one of the best ways to remember is to do the homework that I've suggested on these blogs of which you'll find from the very beginning or almost the very beginning of every one of the blogs that I have up here especially Benevolent Magic, A Mystical Man's World and many of the others.

If you read the material and you do the homework what happens is that as you discover things that you do, things that you try, the experiences that you have with them...oh you may not get it all right away but as you discover what happens you are reminded not only of who you are now but of what you can be.

I am not saying these blogs are the be all end all of the pathway to discover your inner talents and abilities exclusively here. I am saying however that in order to lift the veils of who you are I have given the homework that you find here because just as much will be discovered by your performing the homework and experiencing even little bits and pieces of success as total success itself.

When you show yourself that you can do something - it's not a trick, nothing like that. These are all bits of homework designed to help you to accomplish good things for yourself and others. I wouldn't be sharing these things with you if I thought in any way that it could be misused. Built into all the things I've shared with you are ways so it cannot be misused - be assured of that.

So don't be afraid when you hear, "Oh meteors are coming. They're going to crash into the Earth and destroy all life." A great many of the things I'm teaching you here will help you to deflect those meteors.

I have not tried to teach you how to move hurricanes so they would not be so destructive if I wasn't trying to encourage you and give you the basic ways - the foundation, the building blocks to deflect in general. The same thing could be said for the tornado work.

Weather patterns on Earth represent the energies, the forces - yes the physics of the universe and it is my intent here to help you to be prepared to act in ways that will benefit all beings including yourself, your friends and your family. So just know that.

Don't be afraid when people say that horrible things are going to happen. The entirety of the material I'm putting out is intended to help you to remember what you can do, who you can be and to understand that we are all truly one. You don't have to do everything all by yourself. Different people will do different things and they will all be helping. I just wanted you to remember this, to know it, to understand it and to appreciate the value of who you are. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Margie said...

Thank you, Robert!
I learn so much from you & am grateful for your being here.

Best wishes ....always!


Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you Margie, so good to hear from you as always.