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The Wand Position
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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Seeing Energy Fields, Part 2

There is a time coming now that will require you all to simply be alert to opportunities. These opportunities will be to see and perhaps to be seen in different ways than has occurred before.

I started to say last time and I'm continuing here that you all are coming into this time when you will be able to see things just as you do when you're not on this planet. You'll be able to see how one object, thing, living being blends into another - not overlaying you understand, not in constant touch but it's as if you see light around everyone and around everything but the light is the energy body of which all things are made of and what you're actually seeing is the interconnectedness of all life.

Now I'm bringing this up because not only will you have the opportunity to see things, as I said last time but you may also be seen differently. If you notice someone looking at you - especially if they're looking slightly above your head for instance or slightly to the right or slightly to the left of you, not directly at you - but they may have an odd look on their face. As I say not looking directly at you but in a general direction of you this may mean - if you're not in a crowd of course - it may mean that they are seeing that light that is associated with you and with all other life.

It's not for you to say anything to them about this unless they are a very good friend - you trust them and they trust you. If so wait until that look passes on their face or until they look away and if you have a time within say - 5 minutes or 10 minutes but wait at least 5 or 10 minutes - to ask them if they were seeing something unusual, ask them about it. Again, it will be something they remember more then something they actually notice in the moment. Some people will notice it in the moment but many, many more will have a recollection of it.

No ones going to black out when they see things like this but it will have a certain dreamlike quality to the experience so that it's more easy to remember it than to actually be aware of it in the moment.

If you have good friends that you are working with to improve your spiritual skills, you can work with each other on this. You may not see this on each other. It may be something you notice around some other form of life - a human, a tree very possibly. So keep each other posted for I believe these things are happening now to a small degree and will happen much more to a larger degree as time goes on.

It's a good sign, don't worry about it. It's a good sign that we are all coming into our natural skills and abilities. This means we are more connected to the benevolent future for ourselves and our world and less connected to the old past that is rooted in discomfort. I'll say more about that another time but for now just know it's about life - the spiritual life that many of you desire and enjoy experiencing.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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