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The Wand Position
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Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Valuable Service

This is a time now when we are faced with choices. We can assume this or gravitate to that. We can accept this or resign ourselves to that. We can welcome this or we can be depressed by that.

There is something I've been doing for awhile and it requires an effort on my part given the facts of the world as they are presented to us not only by our observations at times but frequently by the news reports that are so prevalent in our society - and that thing is that I've been practicing optimism.

I've mentioned that here before several times but I'm mentioning it again today because it is sometimes feeling like a uphill struggle. Oh, gotta be optimistic - you understand.

It's not always easy but there's a reason. Do you know that it is in the nature of being cheerful that things will be attracted, you see. It functions like a magnet. It is possible to attract good things to happen for you.

Also there is another factor of it and that is that it automatically puts you into service where you are providing good things for others. Oh granted you'll meet the person from time to time who might make fun or a joke out of the fact that you're cheerful when there is plenty of reasons not to be but you'll also meet many people who will be uplifted and cheered by the fact that they met someone who's cheerful.

Now I know you've had the experience of meeting someone who's cheerful and it does tend to leave you with a good feeling even if at first you don't feel comfortable with it because it is out of the ordinary these days but once upon a time it wasn't so out of the ordinary. It was in fact so ordinary that people took it for granted.

So, I'd like you to practice on it and I promise I won't keep bangin away at you about optimism. I've just found that at times it improves the quality of my life and I receive the personal satisfaction of having improved the quality of other people's lives by being optimistic.

Give it a try and see if it is of value to you and others and remember it isn't always necessary to be optimistic every moment ;-) I know I find that to be difficult too but give it a try and see if you can be optimistic sometimes.


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