The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Traveling The Highways Of Life

The world of the abstract mixes freely with the free form flow of life here. Sometimes there is a juxtaposition of one into the other. As those who practice benevolent magic it is our responsibility to encourage as much ease as possible so that those moments of juxtaposition are as soft as possible.

I am not trying to prevent people from having adventures, fun and excitement that is benevolent for them - meaning causing no harm to them and no harm to others - I'm not trying to stop that. After all the world of fun is intended to be part of our true nature however how many times have we either participated in or observed or even heard about someone else's fun having turn into pain and suffering for others.

This is often found in situations when machinery is involved isn't it. It is easy to do that and so important to pay attention as we all know and yet there are things that can be done - processes and encouragements.

Let me give you an example. Say you are living near or even walking near or near for a moment - a highway. You see the cars going by, occasionally you might think about the drivers who are your fellow human beings. Granted, you may not know them personally though you may see a car you recognize and say, "Oh, there's a friend."

Still in the larger sense we know and cherish all. Here's something you can say to encourage the most benevolent experience. Try to be looking at the highway when you say it but if you need to close your eyes it's alright to simply face in that direction. You can sit down if you like or not - whatever is safe and comfortable for you.

You might say, "I am asking that all those who travel here remain alert in their machines and experience the most benevolent and safe journeys whether short or long, whether an errand or a mission of mercy or any reason for travel - may they be safe in the most benevolent way."

Remember always - when you say these things, that being a Living Prayer, if you do not feel energy coming in when you are saying it pause and wait - see if it comes in.

The reason living prayer works is not because they are well chosen words though that is also true. It works because there is a sense of harmony that is not only a worded thing but also is something that is felt.

Mother Earth herself is in harmony with it and all life around you from the smallest to the largest - all souls, all beings are also in harmony with it.

If you do not feel the energy, don't be discouraged. Someday you will and perhaps that day will help you to see if you also feel as a portion of all beings.

Life here is interposed with many intersections, let's see what we can do to create the safest and most benevolent ones.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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