The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Shopping With Love And Safety

After reading this article in the New York Times about counterfeit foods I was concerned, of course.

There is a way that I recommend you utilize when you're buying food. I've used it to my benefit and shared it with a number of people. I'd like to share it with you. I cannot guarantee it will work for you but I've used it and it works for me.

First off you will need to learn how to do what I call Heart Warmth*. It is actually a form of experiencing a physical effect of loving yourself which simply can also be used to ease your day especially if you're having a tough one or after a tough day. It may help you to feel better, I believe. I have communicated about this before.

For acquiring food, for those of you who can already do the Heart Warmth since I've been teaching it for many years now, this is what I recommend. 

Say you're in a grocery store. You're walking up and down the aisles. You pick up a box or a can or a bag of something. Just hold it up in front of your chest**. Notice how your body feels. Do you feel warmth? Do you feel a slight discomfort? If you feel discomfort put it down immediately and relax. You could try a different package or a different brand name or check it again next time when you're in the store.

If you felt warmth I've always interpreted that to mean that my body's telling me it's okay and it has turned out that way when I've consumed it. I do look at the label and the ingredients though after that, of course.

This is something I'm suggesting to you especially because of these times and because of the apparent hazards as written in the article about counterfeit foods.

Also I would like to recommend this Benevolent Magic. You just need to say it once with these words. "I request that all the food I consume be safe and benevolent for me and result in the most benevolent outcome for me now." 

Now in the case of someone who might make food for the family or friends you would say this Living Prayer. "I am asking that all the food I acquire and make for my friends and family be safe and benevolent for us all in the most benevolent way now."


*Heart - Warmth:

I recommend that you sit down in a comfortable chair in a quiet spot at a quiet time of the day - turn off the ringer on the phone so you won't be disturbed - and just ask for some quiet time from friends and family. Then put your hands on your heart area - just let them sit there and you may notice a feeling of warmth that is noticeable in or around your heart. Keep your hands there and let the feeling be present.

It might come up in some other part of your body - perhaps your stomach or your solar plexus - maybe someplace else. When you notice that feeling of warmth see if you can just go into it - don't think about it - just go into that physical feeling of warmth and see if you can feel it more. I recommend then that every day or every other day you try to have that experience of physical warmth in your body using the method I have described here.

If you do not notice the feeling of warmth keep trying for about 10 to 15 minutes and then relax. Wait a few days and try again.

**There's another technique. You take your hand and put it in the Wand Position: 

and you point to a specific package or box or can or in the case of fruits and vegetables - to a bunch, for example, and notice how you feel. Do you get the warmth in that area of your body? That's a way that can help.

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