The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Sunday, May 03, 2009


I've been talking for some time now on this site and on several of my others about Living Prayer, Benevolent Magic, True Magic and other forms of requests and interactions with all life.

Remember when what you have asked for, for yourself or for friends or family or for people in general or others, when these requests are even partially fulfilled and especially if it is noticeably so - meaning it comes to your attention in one way or another - be sure always to pause when that realization touches you and to say thank you.

Remember who you asked and who it might cover. You might be thanking the tiniest particles or the most massive beings. So make your thank you a heartfelt demonstration of your actual feelings. Wait until you feel thankful and then say - thank you.

You can keep it simple. You can perhaps at times have pictures that come up or simple cognizance of what may be eligible for your thanks. Other times you will simply say your thank-yous to the world of all beings at large - that's alright too.

It's not that you owe anyone anything - it is a matter of politeness not unlike opening a door for someone and them casually saying thank you and going through or having dropped something and someone rushing by stops, picks it up and hands it to you. Of course you say thank you. Sometimes they've already rushed by but you say it anyway. It's a matter of being polite.

It's not necessarily for them, it's an acknowledgment by you about something that is a good experience that you've had and you're acknowledging it to life at large. So this is always good to do when it is something you are thankful for.

I'm not trying to teach manners here, just a simple suggestion and perhaps as you might say - a follow-up. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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