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Thursday, January 01, 2009

A Watershed Year

Many of you, like me, are hearing dire predictions from well intentioned individuals, news services, friends and others about 2009. I feel differently however. I feel 2009 will be a watershed year in the sense that there will be a great many wonderful things that happen.

I believe many of these things will happen inside of us - spiritual things allowing us to awaken to our natural abilities which I've been speaking about on these blogs for some time and also there are other aspects that cause me to have a more positive outlook for 2009. Some of these you might note in the material I've put out from Grandfather on my You Tube site of predictions for 2009 but something happened yesterday which caused me to feel that I am not alone in this belief that 2009 may be a good year - and of course I know many of you believe this as well.

I had a talk with my old friend A.H. We have these chats at various times of the year and usually we have one around the new years time. She is an astrologer and she has informed me that there are many very good aspects supporting this year and that's good to hear. She does not go into these details of the aspects because she knows that I need to stay focused on my own material but briefly mentioned something about Jupiter and I'm sure you can look this up or consult your favorite astrologer.

I have also heard that numerologists feel that this is an 11 year which has to do with spiritual mastery and is also a very good sign.

So I'm feeling very good about this year and I felt that since there were so many voices on TV, in the newspapers and us when we get worried and upset that suggest that 2009 is going to be a year of struggle that I feel differently. I feel 2009 will be a year that we will all recognize either during this year or looking back on it as that watershed year that changed the way we feel about ourselves and each other and as a result life took a turn for the better globally.

I am hopeful that you will discover that this is the case for this coming year. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Louis Hart said...

Hello Robert,

I sure do agree with your outlook. I see 2009 as being especially memorable in many positive ways. Thanks for the good words.


Robert Shapiro said...

Hi Louis, Good to hear from you my friend.


Patrice julien said...

Dear Bobby,
Happy New Year! Yes, I like your point. I think that we all should remember that consciousness or Mind is "ONE" and that it is the result of what we all old in mind.

I us us like the Board of Directors of a big Company called Life on "Earth Co Unltd", what we believe and imagine is decisive.

Some of our Directors think that the Year will be bad, some imagine that this challenging step will bring incredibly positive evolutions in all the fields ouf our activities. Our routines will have to change radically, we will have to think out of the box.

Personnally I think that we will not have to "DO" it, we will have to let it happen through. We are shifting from a Masculine era to a Feminine era which I feel like : Keep a strong Faith, believe only in the Good, let go, let God and enjoy what happens...

Goodlife to All.

Peace of I


Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Patrice, thank you for your comments and for sharing your wisdom here.

Goodlife my friend.