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The Wand Position
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Friday, January 16, 2009

Dreams And Visions

Now some of you have begun to have dreams that are otherworldly and this is associated with another world. As Earth and all its beings upon it and within it move towards its more natural place of being and as you as peoples move towards your more natural place of being in a focus that is associated with a different version of Earth thus you will start to have dreams that may seem strange and bizarre.

Odd things happening, things that appear to be symbols rather than realities but sometimes symbols can be realities. There is a great many people who observe and study what the animals do, what the plants do, what Earth's elements do - wind, rain, lightning and so on - what all these things do and what it means.

Sometimes these things cannot be interpreted mentally. Sometimes it takes a little more inspiration even though the mind is used at the very least to compose.

What is happening now is that the wind is connecting the world that we are upon to the world that we will be upon. Oh it will be Earth but it will not be an Earth like we have known in our lifetimes nor that has been known in the past. This is why some of you are having dreams that seem to be very strange.

One of the symbols that is more frequent is that animals who might normally be mortal enemies are no longer enemies and this is showing up in one way or another in various sequences, pictures that you will have left over from your dream. Do not be alarmed and startled, it is a good sign.

It is associated with the reflection that animals dance to illustrate the behavior of human beings. Sometimes animals fight or consume each other - less because they are hungry or less because they have disputes with each other than to demonstrate what human beings are doing.

And when you'd have dreams and visions of animals being at peace with each other and doing things that might remind you of what human beings do to show friendliness, co-operation and happiness together this is almost always a prophetic vision that human beings no matter how long and how difficult their fights together, no matter how much people who might have a stake in things remaining at the stage of battle, that people who have struggled together and been unable to accept each other as they are for any reason will now begin to get along.

They'll find their common ground, they'll bring each other the best of their worlds rather than the worst. I know you feel worried especially about battles in the Middle East where people do feel the cradle of your civilizations continues to rock but be of good cheer.

These dreams and visions you are having brought to you by the wind which unites these two worlds and is the same in our world as well as the other is bringing us good tidings. So don't be alarmed, be of good cheer. There is reason to be this way.

In the coming years when people tell you that these people did this or these people did that, it's just not going to work. When someone says, "Look what they're doing now" you're not going to believe it because you're not going to feel it from those people whoever they are. When someone else says, "Look. Here's the evidence of what they did" you'll shudder and look at it and yet you'll know when you consider those people, when you look at those people, when you are with those people that they could not have done this.

It is important for you to know this now as the times are changing. Right now we're in rapid movement towards a better world. Pay attention to your dreams. Pay attention to Mother Earth's elements and remember - that which looks strange and bizarre from dream world might be a herald of something good. Goodlife.


Anonymous said...

Great blog! love it!

Robert Shapiro said...

Greatings Mystic Sight. Thanks for your comment.


Margie said...

Once again I learn so much from you words.
Thank you, Robert


Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you for your kind words Margie. You are always welcome.

Goodlife my friend.

Cool Hand Luke said...

I am so grateful to my Squirrel totem who has led me to your blog this day.

Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you for your comment Luke.