The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Thursday, January 22, 2009


I know I've given you a lot of homework especially on this site and on my other, A Mystical Man's World. I do not expect you to do all this homework all the time but I am going to suggest that you look over the homework, especially those of you who've been reading these blogs from the beginning. If you haven't been doing that then go back to the beginning, look it over and find something you really like.

Practice it and get good at it. What I'm saying is to get good at at least one thing that I've put on this blog or on my other or even any of my other blogs or places where I post and choose one thing and get good at it.

Over time, perhaps in the next year or two, you'll find a way to meet others who read this blog. I do not know how but those of you who want to I'm sure can find a way - and even if it is simply to communicate in some way on the internet then do that if you can.

On this planet there are many ways to bring about greater benevolence. There are also many ways to rediscover who you really are in your full natural native personality which goes beyond this planet and includes your entire being from this universe - all the places you've been, all that you've done and all that you could do.

I have made the effort on these blogs so far to give you homework that would lead to or give you a glimmer of that total being that you are. So most likely whatever it is that you pick will be something that you like or something that comes easier to you and may very well have something to do with who you really are.

I'm recommending that for you now and assure you that I'm not done giving you these reminders, these ways of doing things that will strike a resonant chord in you - and that's the whole purpose you see.

As you do something accomplishing the homework or even a facet of the homework very often you will feel something within you that will remind you of something you can't quite put your finger on but the whole point is to have enough of these chords happen within you so that when you begin to remember who you are you will feel, not overwhelmed by it but just that moment of - aha, that's what all that was about. And that's the intention here.



Margie said...

Your Aha post was just what I wanted to read before getting some sleep.
It shall help with some good dreams...I am sure!

Thank you, Robert!


Robert Shapiro said...

Thanks Margie. Pleasant dreams :-)