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The Wand Position
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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gently Moving Past Inertia, Part 2

Last time I talked about something that Patrice had asked. This time I want to give a little true magic to help to bring this about a little better.

First go out to someplace on the land if you possibly can. If you live in a city where there isn't much land see if you can go to a park.

Try to find a place where no one is within 10 feet of you if it is a busy crowded city. If it is not so busy then try to have people further away. You may not always be able to accomplish that. You could if you like bring a friend and ask the friend to stand 30 or 40 or better yet 50 feet away from you even if you're out on the land someplace and that's not a park to help to keep people away from you - not forcefully, just gently.

Someone might ask, "What is that person doing?" They can make up a little story that's innocent. It's not always good to say, "They're doing magic." That will just make the person more curious eh. It can be simply that - they are doing a form of prayer - because true magic really is a form of prayer but it's active prayer where you help to bring about what it is that you are requesting and you enlist the aid of others - not only souls as we do in the case of living prayer as mentioned last time - meaning the souls of all beings, everything is alive and it's all ensouled but also you can enlist the aid as I've done before with true magic of the sun, the moon, the stars, other planets for these "beings" all function as a portion of the natural world and they know you - your soul, your very essence as its natural self and they will work with that natural self to help bring about in the most benevolent way possible the results you are requesting.

So this is what to do when you get out to that land. If it's private land make sure you have permission. If it's possible take off your shoes or wear shoes that do not have artificial soles. If they have leather soles that's fine but that's important.

If it's possible to do this without shoes on that's even better. It makes a physical contact with you and the Earth. If it's not safe to do that then some kind of soles that are of natural material would be good for your shoes.

Orient yourself towards the north to start and find a place on the land where you feel physically comfortable. The more relaxed and comfortable you are the more likely this will work but do the best you can there.

After you have oriented yourself towards the north look up into the sky. If it is daytime glance, with your eyes closed, in the general direction or where the sun is. If it is a cloudy day and the sun is covered by clouds of course you can have your eyes open if you wish.

If it is the nighttime then you may glance to where the moon is with your eyes open of course. It's up to you whether you wish to do this at day or night - I recommend the day but if you need to do it at night that's alright too. It will work either way.

Then raise your arms up so that they are in front of you - meaning bring your arms out in front of you so they are straight in front of you and then move your hands together with your palms touching and your fingers touching together (see above).

Then raise your arms, with your palms touching like that if you can, over your head and while they are raised like that make one complete rotation so that you turn around and are then facing the north again.

After you have done that you may bring your arms down slowly - separating them above your head, bringing them down very slowly along your sides with your arms stretched out straight away from each side and finishing up with your arms straight down by both sides and your palms touching the sides of your body.

Then say these words, "I am asking that the sun, the moon and all the friendly stars who know me in my true natural self help to bring about a co-ordination now with my natural being and Earth's personality's natural being to co-operate and support my need for..." (then you mention with 1 word only that which you need as referred to last time in the last post - it must be only one word so you will have to be creative perhaps) " the most benevolent way for me and for all beings."

Then wait. Stay in that position if you can for about a half a minute or a minute - don't check your watch, just make your best guess.

Then make 1 step forward towards the north - and you understand all this time your arms are at your sides, your palms touching your sides straight down - make another complete rotation to the left finishing up facing towards the north as you have been. Then remain in that position for at least a couple of minutes. If it's a little longer that's okay. Try to make it at least a couple of minutes - meaning 2. Try not to think about anything.

If there are man-made objects in the distance, look towards the sky because man-made objects always contain the energy of those who built them to say nothing of those who may touch them or come in contact with them - this is good to remember in general when doing these things.

Then after you have waited that time look down towards the ground and see your feet on the ground. Try not to think. Then as you look down towards the ground you may look slightly to your left towards the ground and take 3 steps to the left.

Remember - do not turn and take three steps forward to the left. Remain in your position and take 3 steps, as you might say - side steps, to the left. You can look towards the ground.

If it is nighttime make sure that there is some form of illumination nearby so that you are safe where you are stepping.

Remain there facing towards the north for another minute or two - it's up to you but at least a minute. Then take another 3 steps, side steps again, to the left.

Then you may turn, always turning to the left, towards the direction where you need to go but don't take that exact direction. Walk straight to where you need to go in a way that curves around the land you were on - meaning if you need to go in that direction give a wide berth to the land you were standing on.

Don't worry about it if any animals or dogs or cats in the area or any other kind of animals happen to fly through that area or walk through that area - that's fine - they're natural beings - nothing to worry about there but wait in the general area for about 5 minutes to try to keep other human beings from walking in that area.

It will not disturb the magic that you have requested but it might cause them to get slightly dizzy - not so that they would fall down, not so that they would stumble into a tree or anything but they might lose their way a bit - forget something. Maybe they were going to the store for a quart of milk - they could forget something. They'll go to the store, they'll get other things, they'll forget the quart of milk - it's the energy you see.

The energy is focused on creating what you have requested. So try to keep people away for 5 minutes. That's a good thing to remember for the future though I will not always say this. It's a good thing to remember in case you get the feeling to do that.

Remember, don't be forceful about it. Say that - if someone comes up you can say, "Would you mind walking around me and this space for a moment. It has to do with a prayer I just said." And usually people will do that. If they brush you off and walk through the space then you've done what you can.

Most likely this will not come up but it's advice that I suggest to you so you can keep in mind that one attempts to honor all beings. You never know what soul will be helping you to bring about what you have requested. Very often they are people you don't know and have never met and occasionally it will involve people that you do know.

Remember - after you do these things, these true magic's, don't go around talking about it. You can talk about true magic in general if you feel like it but don't go around talking about what you have requested. It will tend to dilute the potential of it happening - something good for you knowing.

That's why people who do magic like this are often considered to be secretive. It's not that they're trying to prevent people from knowing how to do the true magic but rather they are trying to maximize the impact of the benevolent things they are asking for - you see. That is often a very reasonable explanation for things that seem to be mysterious.

After that 5 minutes or so you can continue on with your life and do what you wish. Try to - when you do true magic any day - try to do things that are comfortable, pleasant.

Go out to eat with friends, take your dog for a walk, something like that. It's not a good time to be watching scary movies or things like that because you will find that you are actually feeling very open and almost a little vulnerable. That will pass within 24 hours but it's something to keep in mind.

If you have a job that is intense or even, how can we say, demanding then try to do such a thing as this on a weekend or at a time when you know you'll have the next day off. That's what I suggest.

I wish you well in this endeavor and remember - this is not something you can do only once for something that you need. I am suggesting you do it once for the thing that you need that I have expanded on and discussed in the last post and this post to a degree but it is also something that can be easily adapted to requesting something for the general public or for all peoples or for all beings.

Use your imagination for that. Remember - imagination is the divine part of the mind but we must use it in benevolent ways and not only fantasize about things that can be. Let us begin to bring these benevolent things that can be into reality.

If you find that this request that you have made with this true magic begins to move off of that place of inertia and opportunities begin to show up then take the physical acts that are necessary to take. Move forward, speak, do and try to keep it benevolent - in other words - good for you and good for others.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Patrice said...

Thank you for the magic Robert. The rotation of our body relating with the "whole" reminds me of a question I have in my mind...What is the relation of the different parts of our Body and the whole? And in his perspective what means a part of our body feeling bad? How would you work the harmonization of both dimensions in relation to each other?
I hope you understand my idea about this.I know you wrote about something related in your books but the perspective was from the Earth point of view, what I am thinking about is the other entrance, from a trouble in the bod to the harmony of the whole.


Anonymous said...

Thank You.

Robert Shapiro said...

Patrice, I am considering your question. Perhaps it will be a future blog post.


Patrice said...

Thank you Robert. I wait for it.