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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Gently Moving Past Inertia, Part 1

Patrice has brought up an interesting question:

Yes Robert,
That is a big issue...I am having workshops about the use of imagination and too many students use imagination as a drug against action...and those who move to the action step get very good results...
but fear of failure is an important aspect...How to work on fears of action...? An important question I think.



This difficulty, defined by the word inertia, is actually reflective of a great deal going on in our times.

We know that we all have things we like to do - pleasures yes. We have to work, we have to do things we don't always like to do but there are pleasures and this often helps to sustain us through the difficult moments of life or even a long drawn out - things we must do that is more of a duty.

And so not unlike other situations where we might grow dependent upon this behavior or that behavior, perhaps even a food or possibly some other form of stimulant or relaxant, we become dependent on something that we were born with - some of us do eh - and that's our imaginations to fulfill those seemingly unreachable qualities of our lives that we so desire to have.

Sometimes these things are impossible to have and still have the good parts of our life and sometimes if we did act in the way we imagine we or others would be hurt - perhaps badly. And so we fulfill ourselves very often in these desires with imaginations or fantasies.

In some cases I say this is a good thing because those circumstances that might hurt others or hurt ourselves - that would not be something so desirable. Oh perhaps yes, a moment of happiness but I'm sure there are a great many people who can attest to the fact that that moment wasn't worth it in the long run and I'm sure you all either know someone like that or perhaps you can even attest to that yourself.

So what to do about the inertia that keeps us from acquiring something that is benevolent or even generating something that is benevolent for others or both.

Very often what is helpful is to make some kind of a record. You don't have to say - if you're shy about it - you can write down or make a statement of some sort, even speak out loud if nobody's around - you can whisper if there are people around. Say, "I would really like to do..." and then fill in the words.

Make sure it's something benevolent - meaning something that would be good for you and good for others - alright? So you might have to modify your desire so that it fits into that qualification and I'll tell you why I am stating that as a qualification.

It isn't strictly for morals and values though that be a valuable thing - it is also because if you want to have co-operation from other souls, other beings, all beings here on Earth and perhaps even beyond this must be something that is good for you and good for others.

So state it or write it down in some simple way. Don't justify it when you write it or say it out loud, don't justify it at all. Just say - I really need to (blank) and fill it in or if you're writing it down - I really feel such a desire to (then write it in). If you want to and you're not feeling comfortable about keeping such a written thing around then just say it out loud or whisper it - that's fine.

Then what I recommend is that you do some small step towards that. By saying it out loud you've already done a small step towards it. You've made it a portion of your physical life.

You see when you fantasize about something you might not actually be able to take it beyond that point because in a fantasy everything works out well you see - but in real life you know, fantasies do not always play out that way. Of course you know this - but when you state something out loud you see, even as a whisper it becomes a portion of your physical life because you're using your mouth, you're using the tones that you can make or in the case of someone who is writing you're moving your hand and arm - you're doing something physical.

You're taking it from within and you're bringing it out into your physical world in some way. When you do this then that's a good first step.

It's not enough but you'd be surprised how much giving yourself permission to make it a portion of your physical world will feel better. You'll actually physically feel better because it's a form of commitment you see. You're taking it from the fantasy world - alright - to the physical world as a first step.

Then consider as a second step - what can I do to actually bring this about - and it is up to you. Try to do something that would be the next preceding step by preceding something that you would do before you are able to do whatever it is you so desire.

It could be something simple such as if you have a very close friend or companion you could confide in them some portion or even all of your need and desire.

If you do so precede that by saying, "I am attempting to create a pathway to something I need so as my close friend I am asking you to allow me to speak that need to you. Please allow me to go through it all and be done with what I have to say before you say something and I also give you permission to do the same with me if you need something. Please know that this is a step along my process." That's what you could say if you wish.

Perhaps you go to church and pray. You can include it in your prayers but if you do, try to be sitting someplace where you are not near others. If they don't understand why tell them that you have to have a private conference with God - they'll understand and at the same time tell them that it's okay if they do that themselves when they feel the need. It's always good to give permission for something that you need permission for as well.

If you don't go to church then you could perhaps go out someplace on the land if you can, preferably not paved land, and again whisper quietly or say out loud if no ones around what it is you want and need. Put it as simply as possible.

I'd like to give you a living prayer for that and the living prayer might be just exactly this. I recommend you say, "I am asking that that which I hope for, wish for and have fantasized about materialize for me now with all of the co-operation and help that I need from others whether I know these beings or not to bring about the most benevolent outcome and form of this that I need so much."

If you wish you can add a couple of words if there's one or two words that define what it is you are requesting. You can add those one or two words but remember you must keep them benevolent.

It can't be revenge or something like that because you can be certain in the case of something like that that there will be souls that will object - and sometimes they are souls that you would never guess would object.

They could be angels, they could be guides, could be Creator, could also be other beings who might be effected by that revenge - plants, animals, other human beings, other souls in general. So...don't make it revenge.

Ask for what you want and need even if it seems to be impossible. Sometimes souls will do the most unusual things and create what amounts to an opening for you in order to have what you want and need.

Next time I'll give you a little true magic you can do to take it a step further but eventually you will have to do various steps that will help you along the way to achieve what you want.

Do talk to a councilor if you can or an advisor that you trust who is discreet and will not tell others. Perhaps they will have a suggestion as well.



Patrice said...

Thank you for the hints Robert.
And I can't wait for the next part...



Robert Shapiro said...

Thanks for your comment Patrice. More soon. Goodlife.