The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Co-operative Vision, Part 6

Now it is time to expand your capabilities a bit more. I would like you to all, wherever you are, look out at a distance. Try to look at something that is not man-made, that's really important.

For those of you living in the middle of a big city you may have to look at a star in the sky or the moon - don't look at the sun. You may also be able to see, if there is a park, the top of a tree without looking at a building beyond.

Then when you are able to do that this is what to do. Imagine yourself in, in the case of the tree, the tree or in the case of the moon - on the moon. Then this is what I'd like you to try. Don't worry about it affecting the position of the moon - it will not in this case.

I would like you to pull from where you are - pull the moon as if you're pulling it towards you. Use your solar plexus. If it is a tree, you're pulling the tree towards you. Now understand, this is not actually going to move the moon of course. It's not actually going to move the tree but what is actually intended is that it may cause you to feel as if you are moving towards the moon or you are moving towards the tree for example.

The purpose of this is many fold. On the one hand, for some of you it may allow you to do something that I've referred to before as collapsing time - meaning to learn how to achieve motion from point A to point B quicker than is physically possible regardless of your mode of transportation.

For others it may allow you to experience something, not just see from a distance but experience something that is going on in that place - say in the top of the tree. You might actually hear the birds, see and sense the squirrel. You might feel the branches moving or other forms of life that are comfortable in the tree moving about.

You might in the case of the moon actually have a sense of the soil of the moon and the dust under your feet and the sense of the great vast space all around. In short, it may very well be something that is a physical experience.

Now do this only with natural objects such as the tree or the moon or for those of you who have a clear view perhaps it will be the ocean or it might be a mountain or even a rocky outcropping in the distance.

This work is intending to bring about for you the capacity to not only be in more than one place at the same time as in the bilocation work I've suggested before but also it allows you to experience physically in your extra physical sense the capacity to have feelings in more than one place at the same time.

I'm not talking about the kind of feelings such as intense feelings that we call emotions though such feelings may be present in your reaction to what you are physically feeling in those other locations. I am talking then about the sense of physical feeling that I will call subtle feelings - meaning that which you can feel but is not as pronounced as the physical feelings in your own physical body.

You can see that I've been building on these things over time on both this blog and my other, A Mystical Man's World - alright.

So the whole point of this is to allow you to be - not only in more than one place at once, to see not only more than one place at once but to feel more than one place at once.

This is also a means to experience union in time. I will say more about union as time goes on. It will however help to support the work I've suggested before and continues to lay a groundwork to establishing union for all beings on the planet which will in time allow you achieve great things on Earth and allow you to literally be united in ways you never thought possible.

When everyone is able to do this at the same time regardless of who they are, where they are, what they're doing, what they've done, what they're thinking, anything - that in this way a union through these subtle feelings can allow a benevolent connection between all beings because it must incorporate spirit. It must incorporate the willingness and the allowance of you and your philosophy and deity. It must incorporate all of these things to occur when union takes place and when that does take place you will see an acceleration in the way everyone lives and in the way everyone is able to live.

This will be an opportunity of great benevolence and it does not have to take place for more than a single second. So, without putting any great burden on you for achieving union at this time just know that this work is intended to lead to it as time goes on.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Foraged^Roots said...

Clear, cool stream soft stones ~OooOo ^ . ^

Christina Chalréo Breault said...

What does a feeling in the solar plexus mean?

Robert Shapiro said...

For Christina:

What kind of feeling? Physical? If so, can you describe it?


Christina Chalréo Breault said...

I don't think it's physical because it happens when I think about someone or something. For example, just the other day I was thinking about a particular person at work and a work situation involving this person -- and where I think the issue is going -- and a very strong unpleasant feeling came from my solar plexus and, even though it was somewhat unpleasant (not painful) I felt it was a confirmation of what I was thinking.

Robert Shapiro said...

For Christina,

A feeling is physical.

Also the solar plexus is that part of our body that generates and interacts with our material experience of our world.