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The Wand Position
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Friday, February 15, 2008

Releasing Inner Conflict

There is a place now within the center of the human being - all of us - that is growing from within and will soon encompass us all. It is something that will bring about change in the way we view our world and in the way we use our senses in our world.

We have here on Earth a cultural phenomena that is an anomaly to most of the other planets and cultures beyond Earth. What we have here is something that doesn't exist other places amongst cultures - and that is inner conflict.

Oh it's true - the occasional culture on other planets may have some very minor degree, as we would see it, of externalized conflict but what they don't have is inner conflict. You know what I mean, that which causes you to be conflicted within yourself or as people sometimes say kiddingly - should I go or should I stay. This circumstance is beginning to leave us.

You have noted in political and cultural situations that people seem to be all this way or all that way. We sometimes call this polarity - yes - but this is not entirely a difficult or wrong headed thing.

It is a precursor and it is a precursor to the change in our society - global not just local. The change is that we are releasing inner conflict - not just to become followers - not just to march to the beat of some drummer but soon we will be able to not only tolerate what other people do as long as it does not hurt others but soon we will be able to feel within ourselves a greater sense of friendliness to ourselves and laugh at our inner conflicts - that's the next stage. You'll notice that in yourself and some of you have been able to do this for a time.

It is a good thing that because we are then able to let go of unrealistic expectations which can create a myth of life for us. It is a good thing to have our philosophies yes, and it is something we will encounter to be unsure about things at times but the more we develop our discernment - not judgement - but discernment we will have a greater sense of allowing others to be who and what they are in the most benevolent way and including ourselves in that.

This time is almost upon us and you will notice not only its precursors but a sense of letting go within yourself and what you'll be letting go of is ridged or snap judgments about or against people. This does not mean we're all suddenly going to become naive overnight but rather we're going to allow for what we don't know about people - meaning that we're going to allow that it's possible that we don't know many good things about people - not just that we don't know the bad things.

This is a stage and someday we'll find ourselves in a state of being where we can allow all people, including ourselves, to be at peace within and without.

Towards that end, if you like, lets say the following living prayer, "I am asking that all those beings on Earth who feel the need to be at peace within themselves and thus radiating that peace influence peace in their world around them and that this radiation of peace and calm will produce a much more benevolent world that we will be happy to live in."

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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