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Sunday, February 24, 2008

On The Path Of Respect

Do you know why we as souls come to this planet? There are many reasons of course but an overall reason that affects everyone of us has to do with long standing attitudes and opinions by people on other planets about Earth People.

Of course there is great love and compassion and kindness generally speaking from people from other planets - meaning human beings and others on other planets - towards Earth People but very often when they look at society here and the way things run as compared to the ideals of how they ought to run, depending on the society one looks at and their philosophy and way of life, the tendency is to look askance at Earth People, "You say this, you do that" and so on.

So one of the main reasons we all come here no matter where we've lived on other planets, no matter how we've lived, no matter what we've done - and you know the other planets are all very benevolent for the most part - the number one lesson we all are learning regardless of all the other lessons we may learn has to do entirely with respect because most beings on those other planets have no idea what it's like in the day to day experience, why people make the choices they do, what pressures they are under and all of the felt day to day experiences that are not necessarily thought out but are often simply a reaction to what is happening or what is anticipated to happen.

All of the innuendoes of life to say nothing of the great influences cannot be understood unless one lives a life on Earth.

This is the most challenging planet in our universe, as I have been taught and I believe on the basis of my experience, where one can have a life. I want you to think about that when you have the highs in your life and the lows and when things are on an even keel.

Always remember that one of the reasons we are here is to develop respect for human beings, respect in general for what human beings go through and respect for ourselves - not only for being polite which is good but also for simply understanding, appreciating and living.

It is a hard life here many times and it is so easy to make a snap judgment about people, who they are and what they do - and we often make that judgment on ourselves as well. Lets remember that life here is more complex then life on any other planet in the universe that affects human beings and many other beings as well.

Lets be more patient with ourselves. Lets understand that life is almost entirely unknown to us - meaning that what we see in other people - even friends and family is often only the tip of the iceberg based upon what we don't know about them and always at least half if not three quarters, which it often is, of what we don't know about them are things that we would like.

So - be patient, be as kind as you are able and lets let go of judgment if we can. It's alright to be discerning. Discernment after all allows you to know what's best for you and what you must leave for others but judgment has a tendency also to apply condemnation to others often before we even meet them or know anything about them. It is a fine line between discernment and judgment and you do not have to be naive to let go of judgment.

Let us remember there's a great deal to respect and honor about life here even though we will continue to strive to make it better.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Louis said...

Hi Robert,

I wish everyone on this planet would read this post and make it so.


Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Louis, thank you for your vote and participation in this gentle reminder.

Goodlife my friend.

Anonymous said...

Hello Robert, Your friend Anon here . I understand all to well your recent post . Im kind of challenged between a kind of growing preservation here and being over reaction in preservation.Kind of a process of elemenation of those problems related to any given situtation.As I learn more what do I allow in also though when Ive over reacted Father shows me why Im wrong in over reacting but a guarded chance somtimes remains. I do want to have better reaction to situation and not past judgement so much, Thank You Robert

Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you for your comment Anon.

Goodlife to you.

Yogisp said...

Hi my friend,

I just found out that I was able to leave comments on your blog as well. Great!

Just studied this blog ;) Thank you.

I hope you are well.



Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Lesly,

Goodlife my friend.