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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Money And Abundance - A Good Question

Bobby has asked a good question on Seeing Energy Fields, Part 3:

Robert, right now I am dealing with the issue of lack of money and so are a lot of people. If I ask for abundance while I still have this issue, how will this play out? You guys are right, things are going very fast. One can now do healing at a much faster rate. It looks like 2008 is the year we jump to warp speed.


Bobby, I am glad Patrice has given you an answer here:

Patrice Julien said...

Dear Bobby,
your question was for Robert but let me share with you my personal experience...Since last year,I feel lots of people are facing "issues about the energy of money". Note that I do not use "lack", because this is already a way to get trapped...As you know, things are changing a lot...and the way we consider money is also changing...if you look closely at your actual life you will see food and occasions coming to you but not as "money"...But if you consider things under the money angle you will think "Wow!" and get worried...And I feel that this is what we have to learn, not to think about money anymore. I do not mean we should be irrealistic, just be realistic and look at what abundance really is...For me, abundance is the capacity to do whatever I want in the NOW...And it have to be a real want. When I look at my life now, I do not have a huge fortune but I feel I am the richest man in the world...

Does this give you a hint?

I will join his chorus somewhat by saying that I find that it has been beneficial for me to ask for what I want. Oh I grant that sometimes I ask for the means to get what I want - money in that sense but very often what I want and need I ask for specifically without regulating that I will be able to pick it out on the basis of my own money or income. The nice thing about this is that it broadens the opportunity to acquire that thing.

I do not know what thing you might be needing or many things but I want to give you a living prayer you can say that can be adapted to different things. Remember always keep it benevolent for you and others and always ask for what you want, not what you don't want.

So given that, here is an adaptable living prayer. I'm just going to pick out a car, not necessarily that you would need that right now but as an example.

You might say, "I am asking that I be provided now with a good usable car that will work for me in the most benevolent way and that this will come to me in the easiest, smoothest and most benevolent way..." (pause slightly) "...for me." So feel free to adapt that to your needs.

Remember always to ask before you say a living prayer - ask for the most benevolent energies to be all around and about you before you say this and after you do that wait a moment. If you feel those energies that's good.

If you're not sensitive to that and don't feel the energies then wait about 30 seconds to a minute before you say the living prayer.

If you are sensitive to feeling energies then if you don't feel them then rephrase the living prayer.

Another thing you might try especially if your life is agitated is disentanglement here and then follow it up reading about it here. If you want to know more about disentanglement you could look it up on the Benevolent Magic blog and read about it and apply it.

That's what I recommend. Goodlife.


Bobby said...

My thanks to Patrice and Robert for the help. It got most intense for me at the time of the total lunar eclipse. The part about asking and waiting for the benevolent energies to be around was very helpful. I would not have done this had you not mentioned it. I think I am over the hump so to speak. Again, thanks to everyone. Goodlife.

Robert Shapiro said...

You are most welcome Bobby.


Patrice Julien said...

All the best Bobby...
And thanks Robert for your additions to my chorus ; )