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The Wand Position
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Sunday, August 05, 2007

More On Recreating Your Life

There is a place on the planet now - it is not on the surface of the planet. It is below the surface and below a particularly well known place where magnetism is affected.

This place is burgeoning in its capacities to recreate - but it is not Earth's job to recreate our culture, that's our job. If you're considering, when you look at your life, that there are aspects of your life that you would like to recreate - you can be supported in that if you tap into this region.

The region is about 40 miles under the surface of the North Pole. It's not directly under that general area but it's near there and it is an energy that is held in reserve. It's not broadcasted at this time. That's because it's waiting for you, whoever you may be, to tap into it.

Here's what to do: If you can, either stand or sit - it's either way, face towards the North where you are. Reach out with your left hand. Have your palm aligned with the center of your body and as if you were going to shake hands with someone. Say the following words.

First say, "I am asking that all those benevolent energies that are available for me insulate and protect me now so that I receive only the energy that is available to help me to recreate my life in the most benevolent way." Wait about a minute - it can be a little less than a minute, it can be a little more than a minute but not too much either way.

Then say this, "I am now receiving all of the recreation energy that is available for me in the most benevolent way." And continue to hold your arm out straight - towards the North.

If there are a lot of man-made materials between you and the direction your hand is aimed, try to aim your hand more towards the sky. That will help, so that it will lessen the effect of the man-made materials - for you see that energy is available above ground as long as you are keyed into it specifically using these methods.

Wait about a minute and a half after you've welcomed that energy - then you may relax your arm and see if you can be quiet for about 5 minutes, as quiet as is available to you. If the area is noisy you can plug your ears or use earplugs. If the area is quiet then just sit quietly with your hands in your lap, that is the best. Try not to think.

Wait about 3 days and then begin to take action in some benevolent way to recreate your life. That's what I recommend.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Prashant said...

Thanks Robert for your reply…I am happy to know that you have given your new explorer race books to publisher. So I can wait some more time for publisher to gets it published.
I think explorer series book ( from vol 2 to vol 9 ) require qualities like certain intelligence & appreciation, passion for infinity & truth , to know more ,certain maturity , value, sensitivity etc.
I think as humanity reaches level from 3.47 to 3.75 more and more people will be awakened to above qualities and ready & more people will start reading and appreciating your explorer series books. Already many people are reading channeled material , though most of the people read channeling books which arises from beings in this creation ( like NDE, ET beings, UFO , astral/mental/causes planes, angels, mediums, various beings, past life’s, astral travel…etc ).
Certainly in future many of readers would want to go to next level & have curiosity to know beyond this creation and creator and your books will be oblivious choice as these are the only books I know of which channels various creators, beings beyond our creator and our future

To help your books to sale molre I will be putting good detailed reviews of your few explorer series book in in couple of months( I have written review for “council for creators” book few years back)

I have started reading second time these series and I find lot of new information and insight which are completely new. I think some limits are removed from my mind to understand more.

I have some few questions to ask regarding experiencing all infinity, one is regarding possible uncreation , one is regarding destruction of millions of species of plant and animals on this earth and environment which I will ask you separately in another comment shortly in this blog.

I will be eternally grateful to your books it is Benevolent Magic to read itself these books..may it reach to many people in future & you will keep writing these books about exploring infinity.

Thanks & Regards
Bangalore , India

Robert Shapiro said...

Prashant, thank you for your insightful comment.

I also appreciate your choosing to write reviews of my books for as well as the one you have already written. I feel it helps potential readers to not only have a direction to pursue when reading the books but also an understanding that allows the depth of the books to be appreciated to a greater degree.

As you may already know, it is possible to re-read these books on a fairly regular basis and to continue to rediscover new material not only because of simply living life and developing greater understandings of life as nuances present themselves but also the books themselves have that particular magical quality.

Others have commented on it and I appreciate your comment on that as well.

Thank you my friend. Goodlife.