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The Wand Position
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Monday, August 27, 2007

More Changes

Did you know, there are changes coming up for everyone now very soon.

I have mentioned this before but we must face the facts - the polar ice caps are going to continue to melt, albeit at a varying rate. This is not because of mankind's activities so much, though scientifically speaking it can certainly be traced to that.

There is another factor involved here. We as human beings are using more and more water in different ways these days. There are those looking for alternate fuels and water when broken down into its component parts has looked good to many. And there are other actions using water that does not allow the water to be recycled, as we understand it. So - there's more to it.

Mother Earth is also clearing some more land for us since there are many of us and we must live somewhere. Oh it's true that the global temperature will go up as a result and of course they'll be more rain because they'll be more moisture but this does not have to be such a bad thing.

I know it may at times with various predictions look to be somewhat glum and there's no doubt that low-lying islands may have some problems but it's also a fact that there are places on the land on various continents and other places where the people can be - so please make room for them.

Mother Earth intends to provide us with what we need but I have been guided that she would like us to do something and it may not always be popular. She would like us to have less children. We all love children of course and they are precious and perhaps when there are fewer of them by natural loving processes then they will be treasured as they ought to be - but we must face the facts. There are a great many of us living on the planet now and it might be better if we could find a way to very gently reduce the population.

I would say that this can be done and it can be done gently. There are many ways and I believe you know of them. So lets support some of these ways and don't if you would, become intimidated by those who say you ought to have children or you must have children or if you don't watch out it's too late to have children and so on and on.

If you really want a child - alright - but if you are not desiring of that then it's alright. Other people will have them and perhaps you can be an auntie or an uncle and that could be just fine.

I am not speaking out against children for I treasure them as well, I am however saying it is alright for the population to be reduced in benign and benevolent and loving ways. I know we can do this and future generations are counting on us to do this so that Mother Earth will be available benevolently for us all.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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