The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Yes, You Can Help

There are times now when we are totally baffled by events in the world but we have to remember when we were younger. Yes perhaps more innocent in our own insulated worlds regardless of what was happening there, was happening in our area, in our family, in our neighborhood - yes - things were happening all over the world then we just didn't know about it.

In these times we are able to know about it and often events upset us. Always remember, when those occasions occur immediately say the following living prayer, "I am asking that all those people and beings who need help, love, support and relief receive all that they need now benevolently from all those beings who can provide that for them." Or if you prefer to say it in a simpler way you could say, "I am asking that all those beings who need help now receive all the help they need in the most benevolent way from all those beings who can help them."

This may seem like a worded thing but you can prepare yourself by asking that all of the most benevolent energies, loving beings and yes deities if you wish be with you in that moment in the most benevolent and loving energetic way possible for you and when you feel something - anything - or even feel yourself relax then say those words.

It is alright to be comforted yourself. It is natural when world events happen or even something upsetting in your own neighborhood or community or closer to home than that to be upset, to want to help, to feel like taking action in your physical body but if you are unable or if those you wish to help don't know you want to help them or cannot for any reason receive your help or that they are simply so far away that you are unable to have a direct effect then say that living prayer for it will bring comfort to all those who need it. You'd be surprised how very effective it can be.



Louis said...

Beautifully said and compassionate.

Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you my friend and I'm looking forward to more on your new blog.