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The Wand Position
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Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Plant That Survives For Us

Now you come across a weed by the side of the road. You look at it for no good reason for a moment as you walk along the old country road and you realize suddenly that it has great beauty and you wonder why it's called a weed.

After all it has a beautiful flower and some of the flowers are going to seed and they have great beauty and have even been shown in countless photographs of their beauty as people, often children, blow the seeds into the wind.

Is it not a beautiful thing that - how the dandelion which we often take for granted and sometimes do not welcome has such great beauty and that Creator has seen to it that those seeds can get from place to place through the natural cycle of Mother Earth - wind, water and welcome.

Those 3 w's - wind, water and welcome have a great deal to do with how the plant species on this planet are able to not only propagate but also to be welcome to the exact place on the Earth where they are not only most welcome but most likely to be able to thrive - yes - not just survive but thrive.

Is that not a beautiful creation. Think about that next time you look at a weed, as we call it, and consider - if Creator put all this effort into this - is this plant not worthy of our appreciation.

I know that there are those who use the greens of dandelion for food and there are those who use other parts of the plant for medicinal purposes but lets also consider the fact that this plant has beauty and I believe it has purpose far beyond what scientists and even medicine people have discovered yet. I believe it is not only a example to us of natural survival in the natural elements of Earth but that it has the capacity to provide for us in ways we have yet to discover.

Lets, instead of assuming the opposite - lets assume that this plant is here for us because it is determined to survive even when we don't welcome it. I say lets say - welcome.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Louis said...

Thank you Robert,

I was beginning to think I was all alone in my love of the beauty and determination of the dandelion.


Robert Shapiro said...

Louis, we are not alone my friend.