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Monday, May 14, 2007

Adaptation Is The Key

Now many of us these days are feeling the strain on our physical bodies. In our times we are used to medical treatments being touted generally from a pharmacological sense or even alternative methods that have had success as well and speak of these successes and in a world like that we become somewhat used to the idea that our personal physicality can be determined at least to a helpful degree by the available medications and treatments.

There is no doubt that modern medicine and various alternatives have come a long way in providing relief and help for us all and they have much to be proud of. Still it creates a conditioning for us doesn't it or at the very least it lulls us into a state of expectation.

We expect that varied type of cure - perhaps simple, perhaps more prolonged or we worry that there isn't one. In times in the past peoples only expectation was that they would live as well as possible until they were not here anymore.

I'm not here to chide anyone this way or that way, rather I'm suggesting that in a perfect situation where there is no danger perceived or otherwise, where there is simply a state of calm based upon observation and experience and where happiness exists everywhere that our physical bodies have the capabilities without expectations of disaster or even discomfort of surviving easily. A hundred and twenty, a hundred and thirty years - maybe more but in these stressful times our physical bodies adapt.

How do they adapt. Sometimes we have conditions, yes discomforts. Other times what we experience is a alteration of perception based upon the degree of "simple cure" that we are exposed to.

I want to suggest something to you and that's this. In order for us to live well and live as well as possible yes - it is important for us to allow our physical bodies to be just what they are. Yes by all means get medical treatment when necessary and use modern pharmacology when necessary and alternative treatments - yes of course but lets not have unrealistic expectations about our physical bodies and lets also remember that Earth as we experience it now is a school. We are here to learn.

Cause and effect yes, we are here to learn what happens and why yes, we are here to learn how to get along with each other yes but we are also here to learn the nature of our own physicality, how we can preserve and protect it, how we can do that in the most benevolent way.

Let us be developing and applying a attitude of benevolence towards our own physical bodies. Let us drop the criticism when we look in a mirror. Let us appreciate this magnificent vehicle that allows our souls and our personalities to function on this world and enjoy the moments of happiness and the joys we have here and to accept the rest as part of our education or our simple time of duration.

I believe a shift to an attitude of benevolence towards our physical bodies from our personalities to ourselves and from our personalities just observing the physical bodies of others could easily add 20 years to our lifetime. Consider it, think about it, let me know what you think if you wish.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Patrice Julien said...

Dear Robert,
Thank you for your inspiring answer.
Still remain in me some questions about those problems affecting the body and the specificity of the period we are in ...
More than just "stress"...I am a asking myself if the energies related with our multidimensional being are not affecting actually our bodies much more than before?Let's say the non 3 dimensional part of us melding more in our 3D structures to create a new structuration of the mind/spirit/body combination.
Are not those pains in the body part of a mutation?
Could not some techniques like breathing or relaxation or some new techniques help us to cross this "transitory" step to "spiritualization"...

Is that too speculative?


Robert Shapiro said...

Patrice, I know you are not asking this in your comment but just to make sure that there was no other question within your questions here I would like to make a general recommendation for a most gentle therapy that I have found in the past to be useful and work as stated though I cannot personally guarantee that it will work for everyone.

There is a book called, Let There Be Light and an organization that believes in its value as well as one that has massive amounts of research on various forms of therapies for different conditions.

In my experience with them, when living in Arizona, I have found them to be upright and generally well thought of by everyone and well intended.

They are not specifically this or that. They like to offer suggestions, they are a great source of research, they have a library on various disorders and how they can be accommodated by multiple approaches, they have conferences and so on but aside from all of that there is a book that I recommend for all kinds of conditions.

It is called, Let There Be Light (
/news0004.htm). This organization is called World Research Foundation ( I hope that you and others may find this to be of some value. It is not so much a group advocating this or that but an attempt to offer the broadest spectrum of possibilities for various conditions.

I know you are not asking that in your question but I felt it was something to mention.


Patrice Julien said...

Dear Robert,
Thank you for the suggestion.
Goodlife Friend.