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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Year of Testing

This is a year when you will be able to transform things. Maybe little things, maybe big things but it is a year that you can apply the transformational skills as you might find here or here that you've been learning on my You Tube channel as well as what you've been learning on Benevolent Magic, A Mystical Man's World and Explorer Race blogs that teach about these things.

Keep in mind that you are able to do these things. Your soul, your spirit - all these parts of you plus your guides and other benevolent beings are close to you now and you can change things for the better. You can transform things. Sometimes even things that are already underway, into being something benevolent and safe for all beings.

This is the year of testing and it is also, very potentially, when you begin your transformational work.


Lee Rajkowski said...

Robbie / Grandfather, thank you so much for your Spiritual Guidance for us and all beings who benefit from your teachings and the Empowerment you pass on to us.

Robert Shapiro said...

Hi Lee, thank you for your nice comment.


Andria said...

Dr. Shapiro & to Godfather, I have been using Benevolent Magic, since last Summer, and have been sharing these techniques with people, who are in need, when our paths cross. I only discovered your YouTube videos in Jamuary, I find them easy to understand & very helpful. I have just started intuitive development with a local psychic medium to me, and I am very excited about this year, and the gifts it has to unfold. Thank you for also teaching valuable information, that will benefit me & others on my new path. Andria

Robert Shapiro said...

Hi Andria, thank you for your nice comments. I'm glad Benevolent Magic is working well for you.


Raphael Perales said...

Dear mr Shapiro, i thank you for sharing so much wisdom with us. It saddens my heart that so much pain is caused daily in our lives to the earth mother. Your teachings, books and way of praying are a comfort. And i feel that this is part of our mission, that eventhough the human experience is so destructive to the earth mother, that our efforts however miniscule are only a step, a moment of gratitude, of love. But that one still feels saddened that one cannot do enough, that the abuse, the sacred way is ignored out of habit, tiredness, or the difficulty of leaving the comfort of our destructive lifestyle or the overwhelming feeling of our abonimation (our technologies and just how destructive even walking can be to the life under our feet.) I dont think im being oversensitive, i feel it in my heart. I dont know if that is a guilt of the past not remembered (or even inherited) but its easy to feel that one doesnt belong here and that one has failed in the purpose for being here. So much is given for us to live, i wonder if the earth knows so much of what is the potential of the future human being and the impact to other races and dimensions this could bring. I hope that it is worth it. Apologies for the gloomy content of this message. But i dont know i felt like sharing my discomfort with someone who could understand.
Kind regards

Robert Shapiro said...

Hello Raphael, one thing we have to remember and that is that we have been created in such a way that we may at times cause harm to other forms of life simply by being.
I think we are here to find ways to make it better. Almost like someone said, "Here's the problem. In order to understand it you have to live it. Then fix it if you can in the most benevolent way."
The reason I believe that is that we are all born curious and that there are problems we have to solve from the very beginning. This leads me to believe that it is a design.
Goodlife my friend.