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The Wand Position
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Monday, May 19, 2008

Visitors From The Heart Of The Universe

Welcome to the expanding universe which is beginning right here on planet Earth.

We do not often consider ourselves, when looking at the vast array of stars in the sky, to be some grand thing. It is much more easy to assimilate the idea that the grand thing is beyond us and yet if you consider that the microcosm within us with all of the atoms and particles circling the nucleus and our cell structure and all of the organisms within us is truly a microcosm of what we see when we look out into the skies at night then perhaps there is something happening here after all.

In order to welcome the expanding universe we have in a way been expanding ourselves. Expanding our awareness of other peoples in the world, expanding our awareness of our own thoughts, ideas and philosophies as we consider through thought and feeling what we are about.

I'm bringing this to your attention now because I feel it's important to inform you that contact from other life forms, other than those we have here on Earth that are different from us, is immanent.

I know that people have been saying this for years and years but I can state with some degree of certainty that other planetary visitors will be finding a way now to visit our planet and come into physical contact in the most gentle and benevolent way with citizens of our Earth in the next 3 years. This means that sometime within the next 3 years this is going to happen and it will not be something secret - it will be known.

It's not that there is some invasion going on, don't worry about that. It is that the perception from other worlds beyond us is that we either will take a road that will lead to our destruction or we will take a road that many of us have been seeking and owning for ourselves - a road that will lead to benevolence for all beings.

These beings from other worlds want to encourage us to take that benevolent road and therefore they have found a way to come to our time and our world and greet us with benevolent messages and even tools that we may use to come into contact more on a simple communicative level - a level of ease that will serve us and cheer us up to know that we are being supported.

I have not made such bold statements so often in the past but I feel it is important to say this now as I feel it is better to know that this is going to happen.

Where on Earth it will happen I cannot say. I can only say that it will happen in more than one place and when it does happen it will happen either simultaneously or within a very narrow range of time such as a day or two - three at the most.

In all cases it will be known and there will be no way to prevent the knowing. This means there will be witnesses, perhaps thousands of witnesses and those who come to have the opportunity to meet these beings will be able to speak of these matters when they return to join us once again.

I am hopeful that this will come as good news to you all and if it makes you nervous just know that these beings are beings that honor Creator as we know Creator to be regardless of our religion or philosophy and that they honor us and what we are trying to do on this planet. So be of good cheer and know that good things are coming and will be here soon.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Alison Jane Lysakowski said...

i have a feeling one place it will happen is around here, where i live, belleville IL. there have been lots of sightings in recent past, most notably around where i went to high school. i havent seen them myself but people who wouldnt even care about this have said they saw things. but who knows. i hope they will want to be in contact with me, because i think i would handle it well.

Alison Jane Lysakowski said...

to clarify, when you said "where on earth it will happen i cannot say," do you mean you simply don't know, or do you mean you know where and will not say?

Anonymous said...

Hello Robert, Im curious to how already helpful benevolent beings on this planet will blend with new visitors, Will there be an exchange of current spiritual trends. Us here, them there or somthing that would take a long time to understand for all living beings here. Thank You, Vince

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Alison, good to hear from you and thank you for the sharing about sightings in your part of the world.

When I made that comment I did not mean to suggest that I know where these things are going to happen but I'm not telling. I do not know where these things are going to happen and that's why I said it that way.


Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Vince, thank you for your comment.

In my experience with extraterrestrials I have found them to be very understanding and sympathetic to our experience to the best of their ability allowing for the fact that our experience is not theirs.

When you think about it, we have all met people who may be sympathetic towards us or friendly perhaps though our experience is not theirs and it does not take too much effort for us to find some common ground.

Of course in this situation we're talking about people from the same planet but in my experience with extraterrestrials I have found that common ground is still available. Sometimes it is simply curiosity - I'm curious about you, you're curious about me and the fact that we are both curious gives us common ground immediately.

I have found in general that common ground is the greatest uniting factor. I believe there will not be any problems involved in the sharing of philosophies and consciousness.


Alison Jane Lysakowski said...

i have another question!!
you said
"those who come to have the opportunity to meet these beings will be able to speak of these matters when they return to join us once again."
when i first read this post, i didnt really think about that last sentence, but when i showed it to someone yesterday, i realized the context of what you said is that humans will be leaving and then coming back. so extraterrestrials are going to take some humans with them?? or did you mean something else?

Anonymous said...

Hello Robert, Thank you for the comment and my better understanding to those question I presented. I do believe many benevolent ideas from common ground experience on all sides.Take care, Vince

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Alison. My belief is that some people will volunteer to go with extraterrestrials and other people will have the opportunity, and they can decline or accept - it will be up to them. They might go for a time and come back later or they might go for a very short time and come back.

In my experience these vehicles that extraterrestrials will fly in at times have the capacity to move through time not unlike that suggested by Albert Einstein in his famous theory E=MC squared, though I do not claim to be a scientist.

The bottom line is - my belief on the basis of my experience and my understanding is that some people will indeed go with extraterrestrials for a time and return and share with others their experiences when they have the opportunity.


Nick Nash said...

It makes you think...the emergence in recent years of children, and even adults displaying incredible psychic talents - Indigos and Crystals - and an imminent "open" contact with humans is hardly coincidental. Personally, I think these new children will be needed as conduits...maybe interpretors of some sort. Just an impression and wondered if you had any thoughts on a possible correlation between the two. I did want to add that I've included your link to my blog. You cover some topics that I find fascinating and my readers would as well. Have a great week!

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Nick, thank you for your comment and for adding my link.

Yes I agree, I feel that the children are often the harbingers of communications that need to be done though the moments that precede those communication needs may not have presented themselves yet. I feel that the presentation however is not the primary reason for the children's presence.

These children have the capacity to communicate with each other through hand signs, as you may have noticed, and other means of subtle innuendo between them.

I am not suggesting that this has something to do with a second coming experience for I feel that that will happen in another way.

I do feel however that as a harbinger of better communications to come including the subtle as well as the greater depths of feeling and thought that they are a welcome addition. I'm sure you agree.