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The Wand Position
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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Stimulations For A United Earth

When you awaken in the morning on December 8th of next year what will already have happened is that there would have been an extraterrestrial contact that is not laughed at, has been in the newspapers and even mentioned on TV though with the usual scripted smirks.

The difference this time however is that there will be clear pictures from many sources and that the contactee involved would be lucid, clear and absolutely believable. Of course such contacts have happened before with lucid, clear and believable people but it's happening now with greater regularity, though quietly.

Our world has been struggling for a long time now in order to contain our enthusiasm about welcoming different countries into a united Earth. On the one hand the struggle is old wounds and resentments, on the other hand there are those who favor inclusion and are prepared to forgive.

This struggle has been fought for some time with the residue of such terrible catastrophes happening to this or that group and therefore is completely understandable but now the other planet's civilizations can no longer wait for us to resolve our struggles.

I have been guided and I believe on the basis of what I've experienced and what I've been taught that for the past 5 years civilizations in other worlds have been waiting impatiently for us to unite as a planetary civilization because of events that are approaching.

These events have to do with externals to this planet. Some of it is about natural events - meteors, comets and so on that may need to be deflected from this planet - a form of work I will teach you more about in the future but other aspects are about the simple inclusion of Earth's civilization in such a way as to be benevolent in interactions with other civilizations.

Of course we have everything to gain - wonderful medical cures and ease for all of our peoples and yet there has been some reluctance in various circles of influence. It is not easy in some circles of influence to give up that influence, control or power but there will be no blame and there will be no vindictiveness allowed.

In these coming days and years you will see that many changes occur in our societies both local and global. One more thing to remember. If you hear about these things happening - contactees, extraterrestrials, UFO's, all of that - don't assume it's some kind of joke but do assume that its about good things, benevolence for people of the Earth and a peaceful solution to almost all of our problems.

I am not the sort of person that tells you that everything's going to be nicey-nice but I will say in this situation that things will be getting better at a speedier pace.

Keep that date in mind. You will perhaps notice, read about or hear things on, before or only slightly thereafter that date. I will say more about these things before too long.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Anonymous said...

Hello Robert, Your help in me to understand creators purpose and influence. Has helped me believe the greatest outcome of my greatest dream for all humanity is alive and well. I breath , cry , pray for a benevolent world of some form . Please creator let all the diversity reach its best conclusion for everyone. With the best relationship of our extraterrestrial friends . Thank you , Vince

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Vince, thank you for that wonderful comment. Yes, we can all request like that.