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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Greater Earth In Mass For Us All

I recall a time when I was driving in a outback sort of place - not many people around - just going down the road.

You remember when it was possible to just drive down a quiet road in the countryside and enjoy what you see - pulling out from time to time to relax. This is not something that is as available as it once was eh?

That's something to miss and yet I feel that it is something that we will have the opportunity to do in future generations. I've taken a look at what our Earth society will look like in a hundred years - I can look ahead like that sometimes.

It doesn't look anything like today. Oh granted, many of the buildings that were built well in this time and in the past are still there and look a little different but essentially the same. However the big difference that I can see just taking a glimpse is that there's very few vehicles around.

There's not that much on the water - perhaps there are commercial ships delivering but I don't see any small boats though I do see something where the land meets the sea. There seems to be a cheerful ambiance there - flags and banners and like that.

There are a few vehicles in the sky but there's no exhaust trails behind them so either they've figured out how to do that without internal combustion or there's some other drive system. I noticed that there are still streets and roads but people are walking on them and it's not common to see vehicles, even bicycles, though there are a few.

My feeling is that what's going on here is an emigration that we're all going to experience. We're not going to move to another planet but I feel that the focus of this planet changes and as a result one of the big changes is that there is more space for everyone.

I'm bringing this up today because I feel it's important to reinforce something I've brought up before. It is really possible to create something that doesn't seem to be possible.

Science is a good study and its helped us in many ways in our time but it does suggest that there are rigid rules about mass and the changing of mass in one form or another. In my feeling this is not as rigid as it may seem and at this point you have the science of physics which is little bit more open to the unknown.

I'm going to recommend that you try a little more true magic if you like. Just think about it. What if Earth as we know her now would be clean and pristine in the future. What if Earth would be so large in whatever solar system it's in that there would be more than enough room for everyone.

You don't have to decide how big that would be but I do feel that there is a possibility, for whatever planet we're living on - and this one has great beauties doesn't it, to do some true magic to encourage a more benevolent future - and it's one that I see there so let's see what we can do to make it our own.

I'm going to suggest that you incorporate, as I like to do, a connection to the sun and to the moon. This will take a little while but this is what to do if you wish to participate.

Go out some day, any day when the sun is in the sky - meaning you can see it. Don't look right at it of course but it's up there and there's not that many clouds and you can tell where it is in the sky.

Then close your eyes and glance quickly at it - in the direction of the sun, you see. Then look down, wait a moment and open your eyes. You might still have an after impression of the sun and that's alright - you want that. You know how that is when you have that thing where you look at something and then you close your eyes and it's still there.

Now that's what you want, when you have that after impression of the sun and you're looking down at the ground look down at your feet and open your eyes and then you can close them again if you wish.

Then say the following words, "I am asking that the sun support our Earth to become as large as it needs to be in the most comfortable and benevolent way for us all here to make room for us all to live benevolent and enjoyable lives in the most benevolent way for us all."

After you do that wait at least 12 hours - you can wait a little longer but no more than 24 hours, alright, and then go out when the moon is up. It really doesn't make any difference if the moon is half or full or three quarters full but try to do this when the moon is at least half full.

Then do the same thing. You can glance at the moon, close your eyes, look down at the ground - just like before. Then say, "I am asking that our Moon help support our Earth to become a more vast and welcoming place for all life here so that all have the chance to live comfortable pleasurable lives in the most benevolent way for all beings."

After you do that, if your eyes have been open looking at your feet on the ground that's fine. If your eyes have been closed looking towards the ground then open them and look at your feet on the ground.

It's alright to wear shoes of course. If you're in a cold climate then wear what you need but if you're in a warm climate try to wear shoes that have - say leather soles for instance - not rubber ones if possible.

After you do that just stop for a moment, stay where you are - no more than a couple minutes if you need to move and then turn to your left even if you have to go to your right turn to your left until you are facing the direction you need to go and walk on with your life.

This will help to invite and welcome an Earth where we have all the room we need and all beings can be more comfortable. Wherever and whenever that might take place I believe it is worth doing.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Louis said...

Hello Robert...
I like what you see for the future. I had a similar vision that I am in the middle of writing up.

I'll certainly use the magic you suggest.


Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Louis, good to hear from you my friend.

Yes - I can see we're on the same wave length. I really do believe that the future holds great possibilities for upcoming generations and beyond. The sights I saw were very encouraging.

As I say, good to hear from you my friend. Goodlife.

Alison Jane Lysakowski said...

i wish i had the motivation to do these things more that you suggest, because i see how beneficial they would be, and even though i have tons of free time, i havent really gotten into doing these things. except for one thing: every time i have an animal's attention, whether its someone's pet or a wild animal, i quietly ask, "may i see what you are seeing?"
it has been eye-opening every time but i wish i could get myself to do more. i guess i get caught up in my boredom somehow. thats strange but true i think.

i want to come up with my own prayers and techniques. thank you for your continuous inspiration!! you have been a great guide for me.

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Alison, I want you to know my friend that it is not my intention to draft you into these techniques only.

The fact that you want to come up with your own that work and that you can perhaps share with others - that's just wonderful. And that I find inspiring.

Goodlife my friend.