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The Wand Position
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Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Team

On the way to a better life we have many choices and pathways, don't we.

There is a path of conflict and competition which some use to, as they feel, bring out the best in themselves. To excel, to do what they are able in our position to others and yet even on that pathway there is the desire to work with others - to be on a team and support each other.

Then there are other pathways that involve the team over individuality and yet here we are on Earth in our lives and there is no denying that we are singular as individuals.

We look around and each tree, each flower, each animal is also a singular individual and yet how very often there is the drive - it must be that eh - to be amongst others of our own kind - to support each other, to have our team.

My feeling is that this whole thing with teams whether it be expressed as a sporting event or in the corporate world or in the political world or in the social world or in the professional world - this whole thing with teams has everything to do with our natural desire to work together.

I am not saying that competition is a bad thing, I am not saying that one way is the best way. I am saying that I believe that because our physical bodies are essentially a team - working together - all the elements - to create the best physical self we can achieve - or for that matter in our world the harmony that is still present - the plants and animals in balance with each other to the best of their ability - I feel that we are here to learn the value of teamwork in difficult situations.

From my perception the worlds, other than this planet which is a school, are all involved in teamwork and compatibility. It is a given - that - in those worlds but here where we don't remember who we are in order to learn this, that and everything there is the need to be reminded of the value of the team.

I believe and I have been taught that the team is the way of the future and that teams will continue to become more and more inclusive. Perhaps sporting events will evolve that are more inclusive rather than exclusive. This is happening even now when you look at the phenomena of the broader community of sports enthusiasts.

I believe that we are becoming Team Earth by way of connecting this way from person to person and I also believe that someday we will be Team Universe with the inclusion of ourselves and our culture. Granted, more modified to be benevolent in acceptance of life benign and in the joyous discovery of a variety of life beyond.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Anonymous said...

Go Team Earth. Thank you Rob my friend for your words of wisdom! When you think about the collaborative effort involved in our Being, it is an awesome, grand thing, that the earth, the sun, and all the forces of Nature come together to give us life here. I just hope that we as humans can deliberate long enough to realize our passionate, consummate natures also include compassion, and inclusivity for ALL KIND! Regards & Peace
Bobby Angel

Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you Bobby for your wisdom, your good cheer and your loving heart.

I know you have good feelings for all humankind and generously share them here.