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The Wand Position
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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mother Earth Can Help To Soothe You

There is a place on this planet that has special meaning and significance to me. I lived there for some time and still have some connections there. That place is Sedona Arizona. It is a place of great beauty. There are many people there of wisdom and of course knowledge. I bring this out even though most of you know about it because it is a place that has connections to the body of Mother Earth and it is not alone in those particular connections.

You have seen in many places - Spain, Colorado in the United States to name a couple of others - where there is soil and rock and mesa's and so on of red Earth. This has to do with Mother Earth's blood system in stone. It is as if she is trusting us with her blood vessels.

I know that the actual comparison in our bodies would suggest that there is some liquid comparison but if you want to know the actual linear version of what is Mother Earth's blood compared to our blood it is oil but I think many of you know this.

As far as the connection though, to our version of blood with the signs we recognize that makes our blood red - hemoglobin - then red soil and red rock is that.

Why do I mention this? It is possible if you have wounding of the heart, and what I mean by that is old pain and heart hurt, to go to such a place where there is this red rock and if you can find - not some to take, please don't do that for it will lose its capability if it is removed from that place - but if you can find rock that is in place or dirt that is in place there in that location where the red rock and dirt is found you will discover if you spend time there, sit there, lean against the rock and so on and just speak out loud if you remember - not everyone does - about what caused that hurt then you may find that it is to your advantage.

Don't speak in a way that is blaming anyone - yourself or others - rather speak it as if you were a third party. Not like a journalist speaking about something but like a observer. I know that won't be easy for you but I do not wish you to relive what caused that hurt. If you like you can type up something beforehand that you will read and that you feel comfortable reading because all the details are not necessary to give.

But when your body is in contact with that red rock or soil you can find - not for everyone - but you can find very often that that pain level will be reduced and if you are able to do this for 3 different times on 3 different days - it can be done 3 days in a row, I would recommend that it be done on alternate days. Say, spend a week in such a place if possible or even over time. If it can be said while you are touching that rock or dirt it will help.

It is also possible to experience some other forms of benevolence but remember that it is not sufficient to just lean against or sit on or be in contact with that stone or dirt in your clothing. By all means remain dressed but touch the rock or stone or dirt wherever it is safe to do so and feels good to you.

You can touch it with the back of your hand or with your finger tips - alright. I recommend that or if you feel completely safe and comfortable you can touch it with your wrists on the side where you find the palm of your hand. One wrist or the other or if you feel completely comfortable - both wrists. That is a place of profound reception on your body that is available for most people to be touching some thing.

I am not offering any guarantees or health cures here but in terms of old wounding that you have suffered I recommend this.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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