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The Wand Position
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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Allowing And Accepting - We Can Do This

How often we all feel we have the answer even if only for a moment.

There are times when I read or hear from others - things that work so well for them that I can tell that they are in the enthusiasm of the moment and I wouldn't dream of questioning it but the question that does pop up into my head when they are not so cheerful is - so, does your system work well for you? This would be a cruelty however to say because we all have downtimes don't we.

I believe that we are here to test our beliefs and our attitudes about life that we have incorporated before we have been born here. This is a testing ground and that's why it is so challenging.

This is what I've been taught and this is what I believe on the basis of my experience.

It is easy for us to be critical. Sometimes that criticism comes from our life's experience and we feel justified in providing our criticism but other times it comes from the criticism and judgment of others that we have internalized because those others were important to us at that time or have an ongoing importance to us.

Very often the challenge involved here is that we don't always remember where we assimilated our attitudes and opinions and therefore we find ourselves justifying them or further entrenching ourselves in those attitudes and opinions even though they may derive from judgments placed upon us at a time when we were more vulnerable or perhaps younger or both.

I'm not saying we must remain in constant analysis of our own motives and attitudes. I am saying however that maybe we need to cut ourselves a little slack as well as we might need to cut others some slack too.

It is a difficult world this - for us all and while it's challenging to be patient for what we want and need I believe the more patience we provide ourselves and the more patience we provide to others - not expecting them to live up to some unrealistic standard and not expecting ourselves to live up to it either will ultimately benefit us in allowing us to experience life as it happens in the present moment rather then as we've been told how it should be, how it must be.

And so, that's my thought for today. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Lynilu said...

Robert, I try to be aware of my path and purpose in my journey. I try to be responsible in my living, acknowledging my choices, the ones I'm proud of as well as those "others," the ones I'd rather not remember. I've been focusing for some time now on my power to attract positive energy into my space, and I find such comfort in the recognition that it works! I can have good energy surrounding me! The longer I do this, the greater my peace. I wonder about why people so often spend such time and effort covering the results of their poor choices and/or blaming it on others. Been there, done that, and this is SO much easier, so much more comfortable.

The patience you speak of has come along with it, almost without my noticing. I'm more forgiving of myself and of others these days. It took me several decades to realize this path, and another decade plus to begin to believe it possible, and if I could wish it into the lives of the rest of the world, I would. LOL, I guess that means I would want everyone to have patience and peace, *right now*!! OK, I still have some work to do. :)

Wonderful post. Thanks.

Robert Shapiro said...

Lynilu, thank you so much for sharing your experience, your wisdom, your philosophy and your intentions.

Intentions are important aren't they. They not only lay the groundwork for what we might wish to lay upon that but they also create a foundation for the layers of our life.

I do appreciate all that you do and give to others.