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The Wand Position
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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Timelessness With A Spiritual Cat

I was thinking about this the other day because I was recalling my time in Colorado - a beautiful place. I particularly like Durango and my friends there.

I recall one time when I was in the living room of one of my friends trying to explain something to her that I'd seen in a vision. It was a vision of ancient times on this planet - perhaps Egypt, perhaps just something that we identify with Egypt - I don't know the place but that's what it felt like.

I was trying to describe what people would do there - initiates perhaps or what we sometimes call priests of those times.

In the course of the explanation I was attempting to describe how spiritual cats of that time would interact with those who were attempting to help people.

If the healing or helping person could not grasp what it was to be done for that person who needed help or they didn't have enough energy and needed a little bit more to assist that person back to better health then the cat who was involved in such work with that healing or helping person, and they would have had a close tie you see, would then get on that person's right arm and wrap themselves around that arm so that the cat's head would be resting just past or on the wrist.

And the healer person would by holding the cat and the cat gripping with its forelegs the forearm of the person aim their arm with the cat on it towards that person, place or thing that they were attempting to help and the cat would somehow support that endeavor but it was hard to describe this to my friend and she didn't quite understand.

Her cat, one of my all time favorite cats, was listening to all of this and suddenly she jumped up and placed herself exactly like that wrapping herself around my arm and resting her head on my wrist holding on tight the way I was describing.

I remember my friend looking at her cat with wonder and I enjoyed the experience very much and when I was done with my story, cat got down and walked away.

Who says they don't understand us. I think our beloved four leggeds understand everything we say. Just because they don't always go along with what we want doesn't mean they don't understand what we're talking about. I don't know if they understand our words but they sure do understand our meaning. Aren't they wondrous beings. My hats off to cats and dogs and other beloved four leggeds we live with.



Margie said...

Wonderful post, Robert!
I too believe our four legged friends understand so much of what we say.
Thanks for sharing this!
It really added a smile to my day.

And Durango, CO. is a wonderful place.
Take care, and enjoy your day!

Robert Shapiro said...

Hi Margie, thanks for your comment. Yes, they are wonderful beings are they not and oh yes indeed - Durango - I miss it sometimes.

Goodlife my friend.

sobrech said...

Hello Robert,

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, and all the posts related to cats. I had always been around more dogs but recently have met a beautiful wise cat, who upon the first 10 minutes of meeting each other climbed into my arm just as you have described. I cant even describe the happiness and warmth she gave me and i hopefully gave back. So beautiful, I will also try to pass on good energy through cat kisses, thank you Robert :)

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings sobrech,

Thank you for sharing your experience. Congratulations on your new spiritual cat friend.