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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Lessons From My Cat

I remember times in the past when things were hard - you understand - hard times, right.

One day when my cat was still with me she hopped up onto my lap and started purring and I find that so very comforting. I started petting her and she purred a little louder and I felt myself relaxing and feeling better.

At one point she looked up at me - just looked right at me and I always knew because she was a very spiritual cat that when she looked at me pointedly like that that something was going on that she felt I ought to pay attention to. I gave it some thought and it occurred to me that my cat was showing me how to give by receiving.

Think about it. I didn't feel good and I was unhappy at that time and my cat jumped up into my lap as I said and I started to feel better because she laid down on my legs and just by being, just by existing and by making that sound I liked and by keeping me company I was comforted and yet she was receiving because I was petting her. Petting her made me feel better.

Is it not a wondrous thing how our four legged friends, dogs or cats or others, can comfort us by receiving. I feel that sometimes we give by receiving as well and the other way around can happen also.

My feeling is that there are other circumstances like this that I recall. I recall being down in the past - depressed and worn out by life - you know what I mean and someone needed what I had to offer - called me up or came up to me and even though I was tired I provided what I could and afterwards I felt better about that and in a way I realized that I was giving - yes but I was also receiving and it reminds me of that time with my beloved cat.



Louis said...

I love these kind of posts. I'm glad to see you are sharing some of them. It's the next best thing to having them actually happen to me.

Robert Shapiro said...

Louis, greetings. I know what you mean. It's like we're all sitting around in a big room and we're telling these wonderful stories from our lifetime.

It is a good thing isn't it. It is truly like family here sometimes isn't it.

I see you have been sharing your stories as well. It is a good thing my friend.


Patrice Julien said...

Dear Robert,
2 days ago I was brushing my cat kneeling on the carpet and when I stood, WOOOOW! I pinched some nerve in my back. And since then it is very painful mainly at night. This morning was terrrible and the cat came and started something related with what you cal "the Heat". She looked at me and started GRRRRRRGRRRRRR that vibration theu make like the sound of mother Earth or OMMMMMM, or insects at the end of summer, and it vibrates around the heart and the heat comes and all the body starts tuning up to this...
Thanks for this coincidence.

Robert Shapiro said...

Patrice, thank you for the description of your experience. I have said a Living Prayer now as well.

Goodlife to you my friend.

Patrice Julien said...

Thank you dear Robert!

Goodlife to you too!

Margie said...

Dear Robert
How great are the lessons we can recieve from our four legged friends...I have been given comfort from them so many well as give them comfort.
It's a blessing to me...truly a blessing!
I so appreciate your sharing this.
Thank you so much, Robert.

Robert Shapiro said...

Yes Margie, it is so very true isn't it how comforting our four legged friends can be.

We just have to learn how to live with them. They've seemed to have learned, pretty much, how to live with us - so we've got a little catching up to do eh :-)

Goodlife my friend.