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The Wand Position
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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Helping Your Dog Help Yourself

Have you ever had the experience of your dog acting strangely - tired, listless, no energy and of course you take your dog to the Vet to be checked over maybe more than once and they can find nothing.

So if this is the case and you have taken your dog to the Vet maybe more than once then I'm going to suggest you try something. For dogs, especially dogs you see, love us so much that they will sometimes take something on for us if it is too much for us to bear.

We live lives that are very often loaded with stress and sometimes there are burdens as well, challenges you understand, that are a daily or weekly or occasional experience.

Our dogs will often take on some of this energy to lighten the load for us.

I'm going to recommend, especially for those of you who've been reading this blog for a long time, to apply some of what you've learned here. First I'm going to recommend that you say, "I am asking that I experience all of the support, love and benevolent energy available for me that I may help my dog now." Then wait, see if you feel something. If you don't, just wait about two to three minutes.

Then if your dog is there I recommend you say, "I am asking that gold light beings and light beings who are compatible with the gold light come now with dog golden spirit and remove all of the energies that are harming my dog or could harm my dog."

Make sure that your dog is not sitting on you when you are doing this. Make sure that your dog is a distance away and observe how it goes for your dog.

It is possible that your dog will fall asleep during this or go into a state where dog is very quiet. They will perhaps feel something and will relax into it.

I have had some experience with this and I grant that what I do to help dogs is a little different but I want to share this with you, what I have to offer in this case, because I am so fond of dogs and other four leggeds.

So if your dog is more energetic afterwards and seems to be his or her old self then what I'd recommend is for you to say the following Living Prayer, for the others were Living Prayers too.

Before you go to sleep at night or at any time when you are relaxing for a while especially if you're not in contact with someone else's body or even a dog or cat - say this, "I am asking that all those energies that are overwhelming me and that are causing me to be tired and stressed be removed from my body in the most benevolent way now."

And of course what I mean by "those energies" is not necessarily the tasks you have to do but the burden and the stress which can sometimes take an energetic form and weigh us down.

Try to do this last Living Prayer for your body at least once every other day or even once a day. If you go to sleep after saying it that's fine but if not then wait where ever you are after having said it - wait at least 10 minutes and try to move as little as possible. Don't have the phone ringer on if you can help it - no TV, no radio - as quiet as possible - and then perhaps you will feel better and maybe a dog won't have to take things on for you.

This is not to blame you or for you to feel bad but rather for you to notice how wonderful your dog is, how much your dog wants to help you and to just allow these wonderful light beings to clear you off of energies that may be harming you or causing difficulty for you.

You will feel better perhaps. I am hopeful that you will and maybe your dog will feel better too.


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