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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Numbers and Synchronicity

Do you ever have the experience where you happen to glance at the clock and you'll notice that there's a synchronicity. It might say 11:11 or it might say 12:12. Generally speaking, what this means is that whatever you were thinking at that point in time when you happened to glance at the clock that you can -at that time of your life - you can do that thing. 

You can manifest it but only if it's in the most benevolent way. It's not if you have been angry at somebody - that's not it but if, you've had - say perhaps an idea in the past and it just didn't seem to gel then or it didn't catch your attention or you couldn't get anybody's interest and suddenly you're thinking about it again and you just happen to glance at the clock and it has that kind of number sequence - that is about synchronicity and that means that the chances of your being able to get support for that idea or to be able to sell that idea if you're in that business or even if you are trying to grow spiritually, for instance then you'll find more success in achieving that during such times of the universe, as you might say, letting you know that synchronicity is working for you. 

So one of the numbers would be your idea, what you were thinking of and the other one would be - since it matches - that the matching or equal support is available. 

It doesn't always mean that something you've always wanted or something that involves other people and that isn't good for you or isn't good for them - it doesn't mean that that will occur. In that case it would always mean that there's something better that you hadn't thought of - so rethink what it was that you were thinking if it wasn't good for others and see if what you're truly trying to accomplish can be achieved some other way. In that case, that's what that means. 

So I just thought I'd let you know that because very often if people start seeing numbers like that, it has to do either with that synchronicity or one other thing and that one other thing is that it's a prelude to your moving forward spiritually in whatever spiritual path or pathways you choose to take at that time.


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