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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Living Prayer for Transitions

Recently a regular reader of this blog mentioned that he was going through a transition that was particularly strenuous in some ways for him. I'd like to share some of my response to him for you here since you yourself may be experiencing such a transition or shift or change in your life.

Even without such intensity of experience I do recommend that if you are passing through such a time - especially now when the world around us is changing, perhaps in some ways for the better eh, and things are moving and may not be what they have been - then you could if you wished consider the following living prayer as something that might be a comfort.

...I recommend you ask for the most benevolent energies available for you now to be all around and about you and then pause. After that I recommend you say, "I am asking that I be able in the most benevolent way for me to move through this time of transition in a way that is benevolent for all beings and that the result of this transition I am passing through result in the most benevolent outcome for me."

This is what I recommend you say now. You only need to say it once so pick your moment and say it when things are as calm and quiet as possible and you can relax into the good feeling that will follow. Goodlife.

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Anonymous said...

Thank You Robert, From your friend Vince.