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The Wand Position
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Friday, July 11, 2008

It's The Energy That Does It - Benevolent Energy

Now I have something I want you to practice. This is specifically important for those of you who are pursuing your spiritual work - whatever it may be.

Understand that the nature of benevolent creations that you request with benevolent magic, living prayer and true magic can be accomplished in part or in total completion through the many ways and means I've suggested on these blogs as well as the books. However in order to achieve - in the easiest, simplest and most benevolent way - levels of support for these requests that you are making it is entirely dependent upon the energy that you feel.

This is a time of clarity or at the very least pursuing your own personal clarity which I know for some of you is extremely challenging because of the environment in which you find yourself - people arguing, circumstances that function at cross purposes, etc. won't be easy for many of you but if you have moments even before you go to sleep or when you wake up or at any time that are quiet or the energy is less extreme and the conflict that is happening around you or perhaps even within you is to a so-called dull roar eh, then that's when to practice these means to achieve clarity - but there is another reason I'm talking to you about these matters today.

The way benevolent magic and living prayer and true magic, as I've said, is accomplished is through the co-operation of benevolent beings of light and love and good heart - yes - performing that which you cannot do as a human being.

You cannot easily, quickly and with aplomb move from one dimension to another. You cannot travel through time. In short, we must be human beings with the limits and gifts given to us to be human in our world but in our natural state we can do these things with ease. When we are no longer in our bodies we can travel through time as if it were nothing. We can travel between dimensions and hardly even notice.

So - sometimes people ask, "Who are these light beings? Why can they do these things so easily and why do they love us so much to be so quickly prepared to drop whatever they are doing to help us?" It is this. These light beings are very often those we have known and loved, those we appreciate, those whom we admire. Simply put, those whom we have been and those whom we will be.

The natural state of our being is not as human beings. The natural state of our being is as soul or spirit and these things which we desire to do or that we ask the light beings to do for us is often attendant with our natural way of being.

We are here in this school because we are here to accomplish a purpose - a great deal of which I've discussed in the books and you will find that as the inspired teaching in almost all of the books that I've put out - but generally speaking what I want to talk to you about today is that I'm urging you to practice something very simple.

It does not involve words. It does not even involve goals and purposes but it is a attunement that I'm asking you to practice and that attunement is to simply say this - to help you to get there. Say to yourself, this is not a living prayer, "I need to be able to recognize the most benevolent energies that exist and I can only do this through my feelings."

Now when I say feelings I'm talking about that which you feel physically. I'm not talking about when you are happy or when you are sad, for instance. I'm talking about physical stimulations in your body - physical feelings - okay?

So this is what to do. For those of you who are adept at this it is simple, you are doing it now and it's only simple because you've practiced - yeah - but I'm speaking to those of you who are not sure about whether you're feeling something, whether you're doing it right - alright. So...this is a tune-up okay.

This is what I recommend. After stating to yourself what you need to do, what you need to feel and really it's about discernment between what feels good and what is simply a tingling perhaps - some of you identify the tingling as being "it" so to speak - meaning the benevolent energy - and for some of you it may be but tingling is also a precursor to something else. Now what it means is that in some cases the tingling that you might feel is the precursor to feeling - to having an awareness of your physical feelings and is not necessarily associated with benevolent energy - that's vitally important for you to know.

Benevolent energy is something that you will recognize. It is a soft thing, a gentle thing. It feels good.

For some of you it will prompt a warmth in and around your heart or solar plexus area for example. You might feel the warmth in some other part of your body - but it will feel good, a gentle feeling.

For some of you when you say these things - as you might say when doing benevolent magic, living prayer or true magic - you just have a heightened state of your own feelings.

If you're simply having a heightened state of your own feelings and your own feelings are involved in conflict or anger or upset it won't work very well even if you're asking for something totally benevolent and this is why some of you have not had, as you might say, good luck doing these things or you have abandoned doing these things but you see you must be pursuing your own personal clarity to achieve these things in the best and most benevolent way and to work out in ways that are benevolent for you and those around you.

It cannot be used - benevolent magic, living prayer, true magic - it cannot be used to harm.

If you are even causing by your words and your intent, harm in others - meaning that which actually causes them pain etc. - if you are doing that then your capacity to bring about these results will be lessened and lessened and lessened so that you don't get any response because the light beings will not support that.

It is possible that some people might feel slightly sad or upset that you're doing this work because they misjudge it. They don't know that it is something that is benevolent for you and others and such misunderstandings are not considered harming others - always know that.

However if what you are doing is actually causing harm to others then your capacity to do this will be gradually reduced. So...I know you don't want that.

So...tune-up okay? Practice on discovering the difference between what feels benevolent in terms of benevolent energy and what simply is a heightened state of your own internal physical feelings that may or may not be pleasant or benevolent at all - okay. So...good luck with that eh - and I have complete faith in your ability to accomplish this but it does take time and practice.

For those of you who are already there then you can skip over this homework but for those of you who are not sure or you would prefer to have a greater sense of feeling this benevolent energy then practice, practice because it takes a physical memory in your own body of what does feel good and benevolent to you - not powerful - this is not about power over others.

It is about working within the totally benevolent realm that we recognize as our natural selves when we are not embodied and that's how you can recognize it because to a great many of you it will feel exactly like home - and home in this sense meaning in the most benevolent place we have never known on Earth but sometimes feel when we are very young being held by mother and feel welcome.



Anonymous said...

Hello Robert, I really enjoy all your post and try not to overstate myself in questioning benevolent challenges. I have a grounding issues in my life .I hope you can help me with. Being a free spirit that I am. There's a need for me to be benevolent in all aspects of my life including my work. I feel the wait or the weight in being self employed someday. I work some jobs that pull me away from benevolent feelings and others offer great benevolent feelings.There something I want to understand in my own benevolent adventurous side and my ability to not stay grounded at times.I come from a family of benevolent observers and escape artist. Given the present systeme of things. I will continue the benevolent work. Thank You ,Vince

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Vince, I am glad that you are making the effort to do things in a benevolent way and I do understand that that's not always possible - at least not as possible as we would like.

However since your heart is guiding you in that direction it might be good to ask for some more support. In that light I recommend the following living prayer.

You might say, "I am asking that I be supported in all ways to be able to live benevolently, act benevolently and experience life in the most benevolent way for me."


Alison Jane Lysakowski said...

i almost chose not to read this because i didn't like the length and i didnt want to read something complex, but then i decided to go ahead with it, and it was exactly what i needed to hear at this time...

thank you!!!!!!!

love, alison jane

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Alison, I'm glad that the article served you well. This is a good thing.