The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Always In Motion

Now - follow my lead. Imagine a white line in front of you. The kind of thing you might see on a highway you're driving on. You know how, even if the road is straight, the line and the highway disappear off over the horizon.

Then as you're imagining moving down that highway imagine yourself rising up as if you were no longer in a car but in a glider or low flying plane. And then imagine yourself up a little higher and it's night time and there are stars out and the moon is off in the distance - and then you are amongst the stars up in the sky.

You know, people have had this kind of meditation to say nothing of as a dream for thousands of years. There's a reason. It is in our natures to be travelers no matter who we are, where we live, where we're from or why we're here - we're all travelers.

We do this when we sleep at night or whenever we sleep. We dream and our souls travel. I believe our arrangement for living on this planet is that it's alright as long as we can travel and if you examine our lives it's integrated into our lives even in the most minute ways.

It is in our natures to travel. When we are done with our lives here the first thing we do is travel - in spirit of course, our body returns to the earth. We travel in spirit through one veil then another and on the way we go through one world then another. Travel is who we are.

Part of the reason we do not live a lengthy life on this planet is that, as I say, as a traveler we can only travel so much on this planet for it is not a huge planet anymore with plane flights. So - we don't stay here too long. Even if we're here for a hundred years, that's not so long allowing for forms of life we are other places.

This is just a gentle reminder that it is in our nature to be in motion. All portions of us within us are also within motion. Motion is our life. So, here's another thing you can do. I've mentioned this before but I'll mention it again.

If you can concentrate on the space between your eyes and - say a blue sky - not where the sun is - and blue sky is best, you will notice at some point little white spheres moving about in a fairly joyful manner. If you relax into that you will be seeing versions of souls as well as portions of Creator.

They may not be exactly white and some of them might be other colors based on your perception but you will notice one thing about them that is absolute - they are in motion. You will always find this to be the case. If you consider that then you will realize that motion is our way and travel our birthright.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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