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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Why And How We Say Living Prayer And Benevolent Magic

A response to my friend Patrice that I felt you might be interested in:

Patrice's comment on Seeing Energy Fields, Part 3:

Thank you for your advice Robert. About this point of not repeating, you often insist on it.Why do some schools on the contrary suggest the repetition of affirmations? Logically I imagine that the Universe is clever enough to get it the first time we say our words, but in fact I'm still a bit confused about those two way of thinking saying the opposite...

Any light about this?



Patrice, I can only speak for my way and will have to allow you to ask others about theirs.

For my point of view, as I've been taught and what I've observed through my actions of practicing what I've been taught, the reason to say certain things we are requesting for only once and do not repeat these things over and over again is - in my understanding what we say over and over again in our prayers for our religion perhaps is understood the same way as it's understood when we sing a lyric or have a song going around in our head - you know, a song stuck in our head - over and over and that's that the beings who help us to co-ordinate with all other beings and support what we are asking for recognize that when we say something on a repeated basis that this is something we are saying for our personal support and mental stability but it is not something meant to be provided with energy which supports the exact thing we are asking for in a singular fashion.

This way we are able to, for instance, have a song lyric that we might sing over and over that may not actually be something that we would want - though I do not encourage people to sing about things they don't want - nevertheless, it does come up doesn't it. So also one might say a prayer over and over because it's comfortable or because it's part of our religious practice.

In my understanding this is also acknowledged as being part of our mental and feeling stability but not necessarily energized to bring about what is being requested specifically on that day in that moment.

This does not mean that prayers go unanswered for I feel that they do in the long run become answered when what is requested is benevolent for yourself and not harmful to others especially when many people say these prayers earnestly and with need beyond their own.

Still, from my understanding what is energized by benevolent beings and through their energization supported by the actions - minor or major from other beings around us requires to be said in that term, in that form - living prayer or benevolent magic - once only. This does not mean that you cannot rephrase something in benevolent magic or living prayer and fine-tune what you've been asking for but you will know by the energy you feel whether that change of phrase or attunement will be supported.

If you feel a lot of energy then it is supported - yes. If you don't feel too much then perhaps what you've said before has already covered it. That's what I understand.


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Patrice Julien said...

Thank you Robert for your comments...Makes your idea very clear.