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Saturday, July 14, 2007

What Our Dreams Really Are

There is a time coming now that will be here very soon that will prepare us for the welcoming of parts of ourselves that have been missing for a time.

You know, when we're born here on this planet we don't as a rule remember who and what we are from all our other lives and all other life in the universe though I believe and I have been taught and have observed on the basis of my experience that sometimes bits and pieces of this recollection come through.

It comes through very often in dreams. Have you ever had that experience in a dream where you remember something that simply does not have any connection with your life whatsoever but it's a beautiful moment. It may be surrounded by other images that you're familiar with in your dream time but in that moment there's something beautiful, calm and peaceful and you have a recollection of it but you have a hard time pinning down what you saw or who was in it or have any recollection of seeing yourself in it.

In my experience it is possible to experience yourself as light. I've mentioned before having the experience of light above my head and actually being able to see from that light even though I'm just as physical as you are.

I believe that what occurs in our dream is that we see people in the dream and sometimes we identify with them because after all they are human beings and we're so engaged in the dream that we believe that we are one of them but I believe that we are in the form of light there and we can see.

We can identify with what we see and at times we are experiencing that identification with different beings in the dream. That's why the dream does not seem to have the linear time line that we live in our waking life.

This experience of dreams is what helps us to understand our physical lives here and most importantly helps us to understand in our immortal spirit the meaning of physical life here and how things can go wrong and more importantly, I believe, how things can be put to the right. Put to the right in this case simply means - made more benevolent.

In my intention of this blog which is about magic and about benevolence, putting things to the right in my expression today really means - how can we - with all of the inspiration available to us unconsciously in our dreams and consciously in our day to day life through our guides and angels and teachers - how can we put things to the right - in short how can we make our world more benevolent.

I believe it has everything to do with remembering who we are and where we're from. I also believe that why we're here has everything to do with our dreams. I believe we're here to learn and the teaching process goes on largely in our dream time since our dream time has to do and takes place in, since we're rooted to a physical world where everything is not perfect - therefore we have the images, the experiences, the feelings, everything in our physical body that's associated with, a world that needs a lot of help.

In short it needs a lot of benevolence and that benevolence is intended to come about through our ignorance that we have of our total immortal spirit in our conscious life prompted by our inspirations and perhaps a recollection of our dreams. Whereas in our unconscious lives where we are asleep in the deep dream state we are being supported and guided through the identification that we wake up with of the other people and beings in the dream so we can understand their feelings and their experience.

The more we know about dreams, I feel, the more we will understand that they are not always connected to our waking life. I believe that most of the time, not all the time but most of the time, they're connected to teaching that goes beyond our life here but that in order for that teaching to take place we must have a life here so that we have the images, experiences and feelings that can be incorporated in the teaching process.

I believe our life has everything to do with our immortal spirit and Creator's desire for us to become the best teachers and perhaps even guides someday.

This life means something and it means something beyond our conscious day to day existence. That doesn't excuse us from encouraging more benevolence and putting things to the right here but it does also incorporate the lessons in the world of our immortal spirit and for that we have to allow that world to prevail in our deep sleep.

So, lets not always assume that our dreams are always about our day to day life even though sometimes there are aspects there that are.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


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Robert Shapiro said...

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Goodlife my friend.