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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Goodlife To You All

Greetings - a little message here for new years. I would like to thank you all who have been reading, studying and perhaps practicing some of the suggestions that I've posted here on Benevolent Magic.

I feel I have said just about all I'm going to say on this blog and I may possibly post here again sometime if there is something that I feel is important to say on the general topic of benevolent magic.

That, while likely to come up, might also be said in some way on Mystical Man where I am posting more regularly now but I would say for now a brief resolution for new years and beyond.

My resolution will be, "I am asking that all those individuals who desire to feel welcome here on Earth as they are with all their quirks or what others occasionally call flaws - that they be recognized as personalities and that those quirks be benevolent and seen as such and also that there be a general acceptance of the ways of others and an appreciation of same."

Maybe that's not exactly a resolution but it is my living prayer for us all this coming year and beyond.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Anonymous said...


I resolve to get my long delayed blog going so all who wish to can glimpse my numerous quirks. :)


Patrice Julien said...

Dear Robert,
Thank you for sharing your wisdom so friendly with us.
Thank you for the inspiring resolutions on this blog and the other one.

Good Life to everybody in 2007!

Robert Shapiro said...

Louis, promises, promises eh :-) I will look forward to that blog and checking out your quirks too.

Hey, why should I be the only one eh :)

Goodlife my friend.

Robert Shapiro said...

Patrice, thank you and of course you are welcome.

Goodlife my friend.

samuru999 said...

Thank you so much!
Your living prayer is wonderful!
I wish you a wonderful new year full of much joy!
Thank you for all your kindness and wisdom!

Happy New Year!


Robert Shapiro said...

Margie, thank you for your kindness, your happiness and your joy and your ongoing ability to express it for the betterment of all.