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The Wand Position
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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Another Form Of Benevolent Magic

Some of you may have noticed the link I have over there on my sidebar referred to as "streamlined benevolent magic". Sometime ago I had a guest column by Tom Moore on my blog A Mystical Man's World because Tom had developed a streamlined version - meaning a briefer version of benevolent magic that he has found works well for him and he's doing what he can to share that technique with the world.

That's why I wanted to bring it to your attention because I feel it has value. Tom has been able to write a book about his experiences with his technique. It is not too long but it's filled with examples and suggestions of things to say in different situations. You might want to give it a try - it's up to you. The click on streamlined benevolent magic will take you to his website.

If you recall, a short time ago, I said I would be winding down this site and concentrating my efforts on mystical man but as I said I will continue to post here.

The reason I'm bringing up Tom's site is that even though it is based on my work I want to refer you to it so that if I do not post here about benevolent magic and living prayer specifically as often as you would like or have not covered topics that you would like to see covered then I feel that it would be useful for you to engage that process further with Tom.

In Tom's book he has specifically made an effort to utilize his technique in places that are dangerous. This is, I feel, something that is particularly important and I've even devoted a book that I have put out called Techniques For Generating Safety to this very subject.

While I do not often make comments here about this or that hazard I feel this is not something we ought to treat lightly or overlook and therefore I feel that your time spent with Tom on his website or with his book will be a good investment.


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