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The Wand Position
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Friday, October 27, 2006

Yes - We Will All Get There In Time

Let us consider for a moment self-sustaining culture. How does it come about.

We see it at times in the animal world - such as in ants and other beings. Do we see it in the cultures on Earth.

Sometimes there are vestiges of such cultures. Sometimes the living descendants of such cultures do live on as best they can within their capabilities to sustain themselves. Other times they are examples of a previously well balanced self-sustaining culture that has been disrupted or harmed by others.

I believe that we are moving slowly step by step towards a self-sustaining culture. I have seen the signs and I believe self-sustaining cultures come about primarily because of necessity.

Once one begins that - one discovers that in order to allow the culture to continue to sustain itself it must feed all aspects of peoples needs and the most important aspect is of course - yes food, yes shelter, yes clothing but the most important aspect is how do we treat our young, how do we treat our old, how do we treat those who are infirm in any way and how do we treat each other as well as ourselves.

What are our hearts needs, how can our feelings be nurtured and supported, what is the most balanced and loving culture.

Only time will tell. We cannot say it's going to be this or that philosophy, this or that religion. We can only say that time will tell and when that time arrives I'm sure there will be scholars and others who will look back at our times and perhaps they won't be as critical as we all are of ourselves and our culture.

Perhaps they will look back and say, "Look there - see. Here are the seeds of our beautiful culture. The roots were taking hold even then and now it has bloomed into the beautiful flowers of cities and well being all over the planet in our self-sustaining domes of existence."

I believe that it will happen out of necessity and I believe we will all have heart for each other. I've seen the most unlikely people show heart for each other in unexpected moments of challenge.

I believe that this heart will grow, take root, offer flowers of actions and applications and seed itself over time into self-sustaining beauty. This is what I believe.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


samuru999 said...

And I believe we all... will have heart for each other also!
Thank you for your wonderful
sharing here!



samuru999 said...

Should have been Blessings!


Robert Shapiro said...

You are most welcome Margie and thank you for your ongoing additions to the landscape of life that you decorate with your beautiful poems.