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Monday, September 11, 2006

Magic Is...

I was struck by the value of Seven's comment and question and therefore I thought I would share it with you as well as my answer. I hope you enjoy it:

As I was reading I was struck by the intellectual process of claiming what we wish to own through what Peale and others would call 'the power of positive thinking'. It is a concept I trust in. I also trust in the higher power and have seen prayers answered immediately. I am sure there are many similar examples such as these spread across the world's cultures.

I find myself placing the word 'magic' in this context, though honestly I am not sure you are holding the same thought. We give words meaning and then of course the words own power.

The word magic scares many people though I don't know why, only some shadow of a thought in my mind. Such as, if things occur by magic, then Robert must mean there is no Creator, and that scares people. I don't think you mean this at all?

I personally like the word magic and the potential it holds; but of course I might be lying outside your definition? And on another hand, does that really matter?

What is magic? Is it something that is in opposition to life - I don't think so. It is important to consider that true magic is something benevolent.

Magic has been given a onerous image because there have been those who, because of various frustrations of life have attempted to use magic for something destructive but in my experience the only magic you will ever read about on this site is purely benevolent but it is important to use the word magic because to do any other word here would simply create confusion.

It is also important I believe, to rescue the word magic from those who would simply drop it into a category of being something untrustworthy, fantastic, meant for children or worse - used only by those who wish to corrupt you.

In my world magic is purely something and only something that is of the natural world and in my world the natural world is something that Creator has provided for us to see clearly even in and around and in the midst of the world we create for ourselves - the world of technology and all of its attendant confusion, misinformation and struggle to adapt.

Many of us are here and confused about who we are, where we're from, why we're here, what we're doing, where we're going and where we will wind up. It is also my intention on this site to cover those topics and I do from time to time.

I will simply say today however to this wonderful comment by my good friend Seven that it is, I believe, of great value to take a look at magic and consider - is magic a child's smile, is it a drop of dew on a flower petal, is it the amazing shape of a spider web and the mist caught in it catching a glint or ray of sun, is it the happiness in a family's eyes when one of its members has accomplished something great or small - it doesn't matter - or is it all these things and is it the co-operation of all souls of all beings on Earth co-operating in the most benevolent reality we can create in our attempt to imitate and apply Creator's natural world to our lives. I believe it is all these things and more and it is my intention to write about these things here and now and on a ongoing basis on this site and on my other blogs as I am able.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Seven said...

I believe I absorbed this meaning from not only this post, but all of the posts that have come before. The last paragraph brings the clarity I was seeking...and it is a concept illustrated by your own carefully painted words in a 'magical' fashion. Thank you.

Ndege X said...

Hello Mr. Shapiro,

I wanted to comment also. As a child I was exposed to the religious stories about Jesus Christ like most American children. I've always been the type to take in information, evaluate it against my experience, and to develop my own interpretation of the information. Those stories about Jesus generated a belief in magic in me as a young child. I've been able to develop my belief into what I feel is a very sound philosophy, thanks to teachers like you.

Now I try to share this belief with the people near and dear to me. One concept I use is to explain that magic and science are opposites. In science we study cause and effect, we develop a formula, we consider every possible variable, and we perform a calcuation for a specific result. In magic we start with our intent, we say a prayer, we visualize our intent, we perform a ceremony, we let go and let God, We believe in our personal power, and we believe in the power of love.

Sciece is tedious and complicated, magic is simple and loveing. I love Magic.


Patrice said...

Isn't the simple fact of breathing magic?
Why do we suppose the heartbeats as natural evidence?
Imagine if we had to do it by ourselves, breathing, pumping blood, cleaning dead cells, etc...

I feel that our problem is that we think we need to be doers...and in fact we are just part of the magic of life...

When we really aknowledge the fact that all is magic we are back to our true nature. We may not need to do something special or create impressive results to access the magic...

Creating unhappiness by repeating we are unhappy is also using magic...
In my everyday life the use of Benevolent magic is more and more about listening to the flow...a rainy morning, the words of a taxi driver, a sad event, a conflict with somebody, a friendly help, anything has an energetic message for me.

Last night I was listening a spiritual CD in my house, it was late and my wife went through the room to say she was going to sleep...which meant something like she wanted me to stop and synchronize with her action...The message I was listening to was exciting and I didn't feel sleepy so i felt a bit upset but something in me said "Smile and send a kiss..." The result was amazing, the face of my wife completely changed, she came nearby and gave me a kiss...then she waited until I finish listening to my CD and we went to sleep at the same time...
Reality is magic, may we face any reality, even very uncomfortable, it's just the result of the use we personally make of the inner natural magic power of life...
Goodlife to you all
Benevolent magicians


Robert Shapiro said...

Patrice, thank you for sharing your beauty of life, your wisdom and your observations. I believe, as you do that life has its own beauty and hence its own magic.

The purpose here of Benevolent Magic is to improve the quality of lives that we lead and support the quality of lives that others lead as best we can.

I know that you know that as well as most of the others who come here and I do appreciate very much when you all share your wisdom in this form here.

Thank you my friend. Goodlife.

Robert Shapiro said...

Stefan, I do appreciate very much your sharing your wisdom of life here.
It is a valuable addition and I am hopeful that you and others will continue to provide your insights, your life experience and your approach and welcoming of life in your most unique and special way.