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The Wand Position
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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Feeling Your Own Love

Recently this question was posed as a comment and I thought I would just share the answer with you.

Hi Robert. How does one stay totally in love and not take things personally in today's world?

Thanks for your thoughts.

Here's what I have to offer:

Thank you for your question. For one thing, staying in love is not an easy thing to do totally but what I recommend is this.

Love is a physical feeling and it is good for you to memorize how that feels in your body when the feeling is present.

Try to focus on the physicality and not the thoughts or the beings that you are in love with - in other words, keep it personal for you rather than externalizing it with someone else.

If you love someone else then you give them your love - yes we know this but what if you are investing so much of your personal energy in that other person that if something happens, something unfortunate or something unexpected - even temporarily - and that person for one reason or another is no longer with you - then you have lost a portion of yourself.

What I'm suggesting here is that you memorize how love feels in your body. Make that your personal connection because the way it feels in your body - all by yourself - the physical feelings in your body - is not something anyone can take away from you nor is it something that would cause you to be affected by anything external. That's my recommendation.

I also suggest that in order to experience love that you check this post and that you consider that the best chance for you to experience love in its most total way is to experience not only that warmth but also a sense of personal continuity - meaning that you have those physical feelings of love in your body, that you know how to do that and that at any time during the rest of your life you can create those feelings for yourself.

I'm not saying that this is to be used as a substitute for relationship - what I am saying is that relationship is not about giving away all your love to others but if the love you are experiencing in your body radiates, and we know it does, than others will feel it while you can still feel it.



Seven said...

This is a very intriguing and helpful thought. And it brought back some memories...:)

Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you for your comment Seven - ah memories - oh yes.
Goodlife my friend.

Patrice said...

Dear Robert
This Heat experience is one I really love. After reading about it in one of your books where you say that stones animals etc. do it naturally I started to do it with my dear cat Bezoo...So that night when I went to sleep she came and taught me the vibration of this heat. She just slept in contact with my body and started sending heat and tuning to me, then it grew to my wife's body; all of us were one vibrating heat and it was a very pleasant experience.
Since then we often practice with Bezoo...just by sitting together in the same room without any physical contact...
I breeze, feel the heat and let the connection happen, suddenly the cat relaxes completely and start snoozing...

Love and Beauty


Robert Shapiro said...

Patrice, it is very good to hear that you are having such a good experience with cat friend and your whole family.

It is a wonderful thing, I agree - the heart warmth - calming and to a degree as you know - protective since when we are feeling it the energy naturally radiates doing only good for others and screening a great deal of the discomfort that exists all around and about us in our world.

As you know, this is a learning planet where people can come to learn and in the course of learning - naturally there is discomfort and it is easy sometimes to pick up the discomfort of others and unintentionally process it as if it were your own - which it cannot be truly resolved since it was not prompted by any experience you had.

This radiation from the heart warmth will go a great distance to screen that when you are feeling it.

Thank you for your sharing of this wonderful story of your experience with Bezoo.

Goodlife my friend.

Patrice said...

Dear Robert
Thank you for adding this point about picking up discomforts of others...That may be a very difficult issue for us in this period when energies get very contrasted and some of us coming to a clarity point while on the contrary many still enjoy processing dramas...
Often, waking up in the morning and thanking the new day I feel all this sadness...many of us don't know this is not about them and they try to process it as their own creating dramas in their own life... (I sometimes do it myself either).
That's where I find the teachings of my cat usefull...She is also feeling but she processes like an combustion...breathing and radiating...
I like very much an idea of the Channeler Gary Bonnel, I don't know what you think about this one. He says energy is just energy so he suggest people to remember a traumatic experience then make a sphere with all this painfull energy and then put their heart desire in this sphere so this heart desire get the benefit of this "tank" of potential energy...I feel it can be a very good way to move stuck energies and a creative potential for us...isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Robert. I really appreciate you answering my question. You always provide thoughtful help. I've always heard that I take things personally, and I HAVE TRIED NOT TO DO SO, but somehow, I still haven't licked it, after years of contemplation. Thanks for the ideas on how to sense someone's advice. Love, D

Robert Shapiro said...

D, I appreciate your kind remarks and I am hopeful that you will be able to achieve the calm and peace you so richly deserve.

Robert Shapiro said...

As always Patrice, thank you for your comments, your wisdoms and your observations of life.

As for the channeling you have described here to have been provided by Gary Bonnel, I cannot say that I entirely agree.

I do feel that for those to whom the channeling went specifically, it was very well intended and could in some cases be therapeutic. However I also feel that it could not only make what is frightening less so but it could also create a confusion in that it might just possibly attach your heart's desire to something that is painful. This has been known to happen before.

So with proper apologies to Gary Bonnel, I must offer this. Goodlife.

patrice said...

Dear Robert,
Thank you for the comment.
I feel what you mean and I also feel the meaning of what Gary Bonnel is trying to mean...
As you say it "could in some cases be therapeutic"...
I feel all depends on the reality we are in...

Let me take an exemple, a man walk in the darkness in the night and see a white shape moving a few feet ahead...
Let us examine 3 reactions :
1. The man is too frightened to go ahead and he escapes.
2. He is an experienced praticioner of Benevolent Prayer, so he says one and feeling everything will be Ok he follows the pass, greeting the white shape whith a "Goodlife!" salutation
3. He feels at one with reality and imagine no danger possible, he walks, and getting close see a a white plastic bag hanging in a tree...

When it comes to considering wars in the world some people think about it and say "that's terrible! How can I be happy in such a terrible world. How can it be a God in here" it's case 1.

Some think about it pray about it meditate about it and may feel they will really be happy when all wars will be out of the planet.It's case 2.

Some think that's not their business and they do their best being happy without harming anybody, increasing the global mass of joy in our world. I see it as case 3.

Sorry for being long and heady...(hahaha) but I really feel it's an important point about this fact of energy being ONE fundamentaly and us being alchemists...which mean in other words story tellers and shape shifters...

The real thing may be "What are we ready for?"

But it's just my now ideas...
We are all experiencing the way our beliefs may work. On this point of view the period we are in is an exciting time its why I like moving around visiting you, Gary and others, I love you all for speaking your truth...

Goodlife Dear Robert!


Robert Shapiro said...

Patrice......and goodlife to you my friend.

patrice said...

wink ; )