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Monday, August 28, 2006

Humor And Recovery

I was exposed recently to a wonderful and witty line in a movie and it reminded me how we have strayed far in our times from commenting on life's difficulties with humor and have often gone into that spiral that prompts us to give up and become cynical and expect the worst to protect ourselves from hoping and having our hopes dashed.

All this has come from a funny remark from the movie, "Charade" where an insult is given in a funny way. A character says to another character when confronting him with his error that, "You fell for it like an egg from a tall chicken."

This wonderful line delivered by James Coburn to Cary Grant is an insult but it's delivered with humor.

Do you remember a time, some of you, years ago when we would make such observations?

Granted, they were not welcome if you received them but after a time when we would get over the pain or hurt of the circumstance we would then be able to laugh at the remark because the remark wasn't only to put us down.

It would seed the humor of the situation as observed by another for us and later we could often bloom into that humor and look back on it years later, in some cases or perhaps minutes later, and see it at a distance for the humorous apparition that it was. In other words, these remarks were made with a built in support system of recoverability.

I find that today's insults are often designed to put people down and keep them down and to discourage them from having anything like hope.

This is not meant as a rant but rather a suggestion to those of you who give or receive insults - and I know we all do it sometimes in moments of anger.

Lets see if we can involve a little more humor in it - a humor that encourages reflection as time goes by to improve our feelings about life, to be able to laugh at ourselves which also helps to get over the pain of old woundings and to move on with a cheerful disposition expecting better things and believing that hope is not only something worthy but something which can lead to a better life.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


samuru999 said...

Thanks for sharing that Robert!
Humor is one thing when I am feeling dowm can lift me up again!
Laughter is a very good medicine!
Bless you!

Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you for your cheerful comment Margie on my - granted - cheerful post :-)

Gordon said...
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Gordon said...

Humor is truly an effective means to deal with unpleasant experiences. Another method to deal with these kinds of experiences is to use NVC -- nonviolent communication as developed by Marshall Rosenberg and whose techniques are presented in detail in his book _Nonviolent Communication_, 2nd ed., and obtainable from I have just finished reading it and regard it as one of the most important books I have read in my 69 years of this physical lifetime! It has changed the entire way I look at and relate to people -- from criticism to empathy. And that's saying something, since I have spent much of my lifetime trying, mostly through meditation (TM, Lazaris visualizations and affirmations, etc.), to release the horrendous amount of anger stored in my subconscious (much of it, I have been told, from past lives), in order to move emotionally from zeal to compassion.
And THANK YOU, Robert, for channeling ZOOSH and others and publishing all those wonderful, informative, and extremely helpful books, which I discovered about six months ago. Have read most of the _Shining the Light series_, am making my way through the first volume of the _Explorer Race_ series, have glanced at portions of the _Shamanistic_ books, and have made the _Benevolent Magic and Living Prayer_ book one of the cornerstones of my life. I am incredibly grateful to you for making this material available!

Robert Shapiro said...

Gordon, thank you for your wisdom and sharing your resources. I am happy to share my resources with you and others and am pleased that you have found some of my writings to be of help to you.
I'm particularly happy that Benevolent Magic and Living Prayer is working so well for you - I find it does for me as well.