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Friday, July 21, 2006

Assistance With Fear Of The Night

Today I'd like to talk to you about something that is real - such a real experience for so many people and that is a fear of the night or the times when it is dark outside.

Perhaps there is some moonlight, perhaps there is very little. Even when there is significant moonlight there is no sun directly to guide your way.

I'd like to suggest that you call upon a spirit. There is a being that can support you in all this and will literally take your hand - some of you will feel it - very slightly of course but it will be a presence. It is a very loving presence and that is the Spirit Of Night.

This is a being that supports you physically, especially your sense of touch in your feet.

Do you know that the feet we have function very much like hands. When we reach for something we feel with our fingers first don't we, especially if it is something unknown. It is the same with our feet.

It is best when we are in a place where there is unknown to reach with our toes first - not unlike - you might stick your toes into water that is of an unknown temperature.

Also I recommend putting your toes down first - the forefoot - when you are not sure of where you are going and let the Spirit of Night lead you slowly away from the lighted home.

Feel free to take a friend to make sure that you are safe.

I recommend venturing out sometime from your place, if you are shy about the time of night.

First I would suggest saying the following Living Prayer. I recommend you say, "I am asking that the most benevolent and loving beings that are the very best for me come with me and be joined by Spirit of the Night to support my venture into the nighttime in complete safety, harmony and benevolence for me."

Wait at least five minutes after that and then venture out. The first time go out maybe ten or twelve feet if you are truly frightened of the dark. Remember it is fine to bring a friend but I recommend that the friend be at least five feet away from you. They can be in front of you or to the side of you but not behind you. I think that that is best.

Also it is good if you know the lay of the land. Don't try this in a place where you don't know what the land looks like. It is always best, if you have this fear, to see the land during the day first.

That's what I recommend is best but if you cannot see it then bring a flashlight and shine it on the land so you can see it clearly before you turn the light out and step forward.

Try this night after night or at least three nights a week venturing out about ten feet further each time. By the time your fifth time comes you will feel a little safer.

I recommend also that if you do it past five times that you have a physical object that you can touch. Perhaps it will be a car or a tree but not something that moves about such as a favorite dog or cat or even horse. It is best to have something that you know is a fixed object, that will be a comfort.

I am not suggesting this as a cure-all to all problems especially fear of the dark but I am suggesting it as a way to prepare yourself to move past this particular sense of shyness.

I want to give thanks to my friend Patrice who so gently and with vulnerability volunteered his shyness of the dark in an unknown place in a recent comment on this site but for now that's all I'm going to say about working with the Spirit of Night.

I do recommend however that you invite the Spirit of Night to join with you, your guides and your angels to support your continuing progress through this challenging difficulty.

I know that you will feel comforted and in time be able to move about in the night on foot here or there and remember it's always alright to go with a friend. Make sure the friend is supportive and during your time doing this work if you need to hear your friend and you speak to your friend, it is best if your friend simply says, "I am here." Nothing else - just so you hear their voice.

That's all on that for now. Good luck with this work. I feel you will enjoy it the way it is stated and perhaps feel better in time.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Patrice said...

Dear Robert Thank you for the advice
I laughed when I read the title! Ah!Ah!Ah! That's related with my story I thought...And It reveled so... Let me add that in fact I am not specially affected by the darkness but the combination of deep water and darkness gives me a feeling of insecurity,,,I feel like in a past life I have been killed in a situation related with dark water...Being thrown away from a boat or something like this...But your advice is so rich and interesting, will follow it. Any suggestion about getting a perception of other realms in the darkness...I mean like seing the benevolent beings moving with us...

Patrice said...

And Goodlife ! (Sorry I'm half asleep in an hotel room waiting for my flight back to Tokyo forgot the Blessing)

Robert Shapiro said...

Patrice, I have decided for the sake of others to comment on water and the night and that will be in a forthcoming post.

Insofar as seeing things - other worlds - I have had that experience of seeing overlays in the night.
I used to think they were other dimensions but who knows. Maybe they are parts of our world that we don't yet fully understand.

Goodlife and good adventure with your perceptions and your experiences.